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The Snake Has Now Entered Into Your System — 14 Comments

  1. Thank you Elizabeth Covlasky for your earnest research and prayers.  However, there are godly and prophetically accurate Christians who have quite a different opinion.

  2. I have prayed over this post asking God for revelation and for answers to the signs leading to the end times. These are the answers the Lord has given me in my search for the truth about Trump has not sit right with my inner spirit for quite some time in which your post now confirms. The Snake whom you referred to is President Trump>for many of you are following a man who would claim to be a man who would be true, but I tell you his heart is deceitful. Trump claims to be pro Israel but all the while in the background is siding with the Anti-Christ by devising a peace plan for Israel which falls in line with Daniel 9:27 & Zech 12:3. The Lord then instructed me to turn to the book ok Ezekiel 38 & 39, especially 38 Gog & Magog the end time battle of Armageddon which involves Russia & Turkey and its allies which comes in alignment with Revelation 17:14, and asked me to put my focus more on Turkey right now and Trumps involvement. The Lord led me to search news articles online as to why Trump all of a sudden lifts all sanctions off Turkey and it is because Trump has built two towers there in Istanbul, though he doesnt own the buildings he has given the president of Turkey and a partner of his the license to use his (Trumps ) name in order to receive millions & millions of dollars in royalties from Turkey. Trump admitted that he had a conflict of interest with Turkey regarding the sanctions so in short Trump compromised for the sake of money for his own wealth. Many are concerned and question as to why Trump pulled US troops out of Syria and the fear of ISIS regaining ground, in a news article Trump states “Let them fight, its all over a piece of ground”. “What do I care! Its none of our business. Trump just opened the door for Turkey to gain ground as it relates to Ezekiel 38.Then the Lord had me look up Turkey and its special interests which led me to GiS web and all the info on Turkey being a regional power and a modern map that shows Turkey and all the surrounding countries and its allies which falls in line with Ezek 38.nor to mention Turkey’s NATO allies today. There is a news article that shows the president of Turkey with Putin the article states that Turkey made a deal to buy weapons from Russia,Turkey is the 2nd largest military force,the US comes in 1st. And so while Turkey with the aid of Russia takes over Syria, it sits quietly on the borderof Israel waiting for the appointed time.The Lord then showed me Revelation 17:1 about the great harlot who sits on many waters. Turkey is strategically located and does in fact sit on many waters for trade etc… and Rome is tied into this. The Lord also revealed this to me about Trump in Revelation 18. The Lord has said that many of you are in fact blind and deceived by this MAGA agenda because you all have fallen asleep and have turned away from Him that you no longer recognize the signs. Your only focus is on God restoring this nation to its former glory. Where in My word does it say that I will restore this nation? Nowhere! Have I not warned you beforehand that all these things must come to pass, The Tribulation, the coming of the Anti-Christ, deception in the last days and that judgment is imminent.

  3. Just read these comments…my response is the WORD of GOD is the same yesterday, today and forever.
    Debating back and forth doesn’t clear the air because God through JESUS CHRIST will have the FINAL WORD…final justice and FINAL judgement. He is the beginning and the END☝☝☝✔

  4. Amen! The Ruach Emeth – The Spirit of TRUTH is speaking through you Brother Stephen! My fellow Saints listen and I pray for those being lead astray by the hurling! We belong to the ONE TRUE AND LIVING YAH OF OUR SALVATION – YESHUA

  5. President Trump is pro-life, pro-legal immigration, pro-religious liberty, pro-conservative judges, pro-constitution, pro-Israel, pro-American…and he has been attacked more than any leader I have ever observed, from both sides.
    I believe President Trump is God’s choice and perhaps America’s last chance to reverse the current push toward socialism and an anti-God culture. I am extremely saddened to see such divisive and vitriolic words from this site. Yes, I will continue to pray for President Trump. I will continue to pray that God will heal our land – “If my people …”

    • 16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
      17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
      18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
      19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
      20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Matt. 7

  6. Without doubt.  He went on WORLDWIDE television and said “I am the chosen one” (but when he said it he had to turn his head).  He has signed his name on bibles.  He has “Trump Square” in Jerusalem.  He made an idol of his name.  He comes ONLY in his own name.  Christians beware, many have fallen deceived by this man and claim him to be a servant of God.  He is a man of self righteousness.

    • Well, I could say much here S. King. But I will say this: It is only divisive to those who don’t have eyes to see. I am not the only person who has seen these things. I sincerely believe that “some” who prophesy about Trump has wanted him to bring about a type of revival or something. Are some so blind that these lies have grown and become so twisted and torn, that they are not obvious, even to some children?  Perhaps some who have prophesied are not unlike those who spoke “only” what the OT kings “wanted” to hear.  It is now becoming quite obvious to me that “if possible even the elect would be deceived,” and so it seems.

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