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The Sons Are Rising Up! (Updated) — 4 Comments

  1. In August of 2021 I woke up to a vision of a young “David” like youth with a shepherd’s staff and I heard “Take up your scepters Sons of God.”  I am female, however.  It seems to go along with this post.

    • Praise God! Amen! God is on a divine and great move, the Holy Fire and Holy Flames, in the Power of The Holy Spirit, I believe and can tangibly feel falling upon me, as I totally submit to our heavenly Master, our Divine and Eternal Father God. God bless you, dearly beloved Sister in Jesus Christ! This is the reason, I believe that the battle for so many, right now is intense, is because our primary enemy wants to oppose the Great Work of the Lord, then many are being purified, being tried in the fire, so that they can be fully lit and on fire for God, the end results will be captives set free from bondage, all for the Glory of God.

      God bless! Peace, love and blessings! ♥️

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