The sounds of Travail


What you hear in the Spirit, may not be the same as what you hear otherwise.  Every instrument created, is made to give a certain sound.  Those who have an ear for music, a natural talent, will also hear sounds and tones, that the average ear, does not hear.  It is true, that some are more acute than others; some gifts are more intense.

If you are truly gifted, you hear notes that are flat, when no one else notices.  In the same manner, you also know when something is perfectly pitched.  To someone with such an ear, a violin out of tune is awful.  A piano that has not been tuned in a good while, is almost unbearable to such individuals.

There are all kinds of uncertain sounds; every voice has some kind of true significance; it all means something.  Many will not understand this note, because they are not even listening.  We’ll hear nothing, if we do not listen.

I do believe, that every person born of the Spirit has a built in detector, that can tell if something doesn’t sound just right; or if it is in harmony.  The more spiritual we seek to become, the more we study, fast and pray, the more we hear; and the better we get at it.  There are those, who have been given certain gifts of the Spirit, that have an even deeper and more intense kind of hearing, in the Spirit.  They can hear spirits; they have been trained.

We keep hearing something.  There is a message that is going out over the waves, and it continues to say the same thing.  It is being heard by people all over the world; those who are listening intently, and following the Spirit.

It’s a clear and precise word and it says this: In this hour, it is vital we hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.

There will be all kinds of sounds; all kinds of music presentations; all kind of false teaching and false doctrine.  I say, that in the days ahead, there will not always be time to run to the Book for a quick reference; or look it up on the computer.  We are going to need to know instantly, if something is of God, if it is somebody’s flesh talking, or a true, demonic representation.  Spiritual warfare, is not always written out.

People are dying lost everywhere.  Evil rage and forces of darkness, are being unleashed in a manner we have never known before.  If what we see happening today, had happened back in our time earlier, all of us would be on our face before God.

The church as we knew it, would be filled with the sound of weeping, wailing, groaning and deep and intense intercession.  We would not be having church as usual; there would be no un-anointed program going on; and no talent parading to be seen.

You would have heard the sounds of travail, before you even got inside the door good.  We have been lulled to sleep; by entertainment at home, which has shown every kind of vile and evil creature imaginable.  Totally, desensitized to it.

Listen on the internet; browse services in every denomination and meeting.  Listen in the Spirit; ask yourself what you hear?  Then, ask yourself again, what is missing?

There’s no true sound of travail.

Yes, some souls are yet being born; but at what production rate; by such a multitude of saints?  How deeply is the Spirit moving; how many of His gifts, are fully operating?  What do we hear; what does it sound like, in the Spirit?

You can’t put on a show, when you are travailing; the most talented singers, don’t sing, when there are groanings, that cannot be uttered.

We’re in trouble; the world is actually spinning out of control; and it’s just getting started.

Silence, precedes true travail.  It builds like birth pains.  Nothing else, sounds like it.  Nothing else.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




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