The Source of All Hope

Derek Prince Ministries ImageDick Leggatt, President of Derek Prince Ministries – USA and this comprises his June 28, 2016 Newsletter.  Click here to receive the Derek Prince Ministries emailed E-devotional.


You may often wonder as I do, “How do people survive without the hope God promises?”

It’s hard to imagine what our lives would be apart from Jesus Christ.  In that regard, this Teaching Legacy letter will be a helpful reminder of the ultimate wellspring for the hope which keeps us moving forward.

The Source of All Hope is the inspiring title of Part 3 of our five-part Teaching Legacy series on this theme.  Listen to these encouraging words as Derek describes the power of genuine, Biblical hope:

“Eternal hope lifts us out of the confinement of this net of time and puts us onto a different level — an eternal plane of living.
We can walk this earth like kings, queens, and princes because we have this hope.  We are no longer slaves of time; we have been liberated by the gift of hope — given to us through God’s grace.”

Once again, Derek has taken hold of an abstract topic like hope and brought it down into the concrete, practical world we face every day.  Simply stated, he makes it work.

Not only will this teaching work for you, but we also combine it with an offer for some additional practical wisdom.  In “The Love of God,” this month’s free offer, Derek combines solid biblical teaching with many personal stories from his own life — and he does it in a very uplifting way.

Please download this message today.  Putting it in your hands is just one small way we can express how much you mean to us.

You are part of our DPM family, and we treasure our relationship with you.  Thank you again for your prayers and gifts which allow us to keep these types of helpful messages flowing.

Now, let’s turn our focus to the business at hand — finding strength and encouragement as Derek expertly leads us to The Source of All Hope.

Please click here for the full teaching letter and our offer.


All the best,
Dick Leggatt
President, DPM–USA

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Materials used by kind permission of Derek Prince Ministries.

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