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The Spirit of Burning Comes to Cleanse — 4 Comments

  1. The other day I walked into an Ace Hardware. As I was looking at some grilling items I felt the Spirit of the Lord come upon me. At the same time I looked down at what seemed to be a green snake wrapped around my left boot. It wasn’t a green snake, but I had indeed stepped on a lizard and killed it. Whoever this is for, know that this is confirmation that the Lord will put this evil spirit under your foot! Put your faith in Him and He will accomplish it.

  2. Not sure why my thing wasnt allowed. Very reasonable inquiry….boils down to….what are the specifics?

    Is disagreeing with what someone says…even nicely…considered bad? Do we have to agree with all a person says?

  3. Um so to clarify, does this mean if we disagree with someone we will be put to shame? That is if someone is choosing paint colors and one says, “Well, I like brown.” If someone says, “I prefer blue.” Does this mean that person is attacking or coming against the one who likes brown?

    Are we to agree with all a person says and never at any time disagree?


    “I think it is ok for there to be gay marriage.”

    Well saying, “I don’t agree.” Is that not coming against someone?

    And didnt Paul come against various different people?

    Is it best to literally say and do nothing?

  4. This ministered t me today. As I have been asking the Lord to place me in His consuming fire and burn away My pride. For years and years this is my prayer. I never knew until today that a critical spirit was a part of this pride. I see it better now in myself and will add it to the list of things needed to be burned away. Thank you so much!!

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