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  1. my son is with a girlfriend who is doing exactly this fueled by her mother who is even stronger in this – I’m to the point of removing myself completely, even the children’s lives.  How does a person stand up to this Jezebel in this situation?  They do not ask me to babysit or anything – it’s more like crumbs. . we’ll tolerate you to see the kids but you come to our place on our terms, and by the way you’re crazy and manipulative . . .is what I’ve been told.  When the truth is he is caught in that volatile craziness and a true cycle of abuse.  I know he’s seen it for himself because of one conversation I had with him.  But, when he is in her presence, he sounds just like her.  All victim, attacking, entitlement, total disrespect for me.  A weird thing going on her mother slipped in a rage – saying she and her daughter stole my son from me . . . ?? How do I stand up to this except to say, until I am treated with respect and my presence celebrated instead of tolerated, don’t expect to se me. . . ??any advice?

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