The Spirit of Python


When the Spirit of Python has prominent ground in anyone’s life, including and especially the born again believer’s, he is successful at:

  1. Keeping us from praying and worshipping

  2. Putting out our fire for God

  3. Luring us into isolation

  4. Causing us to ‘feel’ hopeless and defeated

  5. Trapping us in poverty or hindering us from prospering

  6. Luring us into self destructive behaviors or lifestyles – suicide

  7. Causing us to doubt or not comprehend God’s personal love for us

  8. Causing us to doubt the Word of God and the promises He has for us

  9. Causing us to be ineffective for Christ – loss of anointing

  10. Keeping us going in circles, getting nowhere with life

  11. Causing us to feel lethargic, indifferent, and apathetic about life or God

  12. Causing us to always feel rejected and violated, etc.

  13. Causing us to feel small, inadequate, incapable, inferior, insecure

  14. Causing us to walk by fear and not by faith, leaning on our own understanding

  15. Causing divisions in the body of Christ and marriages

  16. Thwarting or delaying us from walking in our purpose and call

  17. Dominating us via the hurts, bitterness, and pain that he heaped on us

  18. Keeping us wrapped up in our problems and less attentive to others

  19. Convincing us that God doesn’t care or that it’s His will our lives are a mess

  20.  Etc.

All of this, if not REALIZED and brought under the power of the Blood and cut off, will slowly kill us by constriction – suffocate us – will drain the life out of us and keep us disconnected to the manifest TRUTH of God’s promises and power!!!

Prophet Yolanda Banks imageProphetess Yolanda Banks is the founder of Amplified Life Ministries and the Co-Pastor of New Deliverance Bible Church in Sugar Land, Texas.  She is a life coach and motivational speaker passionate about spiritually equipping others to discover and walk in their God divine purpose victoriously.  Her multifaceted ministry emphasizes supernatural empowerment that inspires many to live transformational and productive Christian lives.


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