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  1. Dear Robert, I commented on FB but wanted to take a moment to say. I hear your heart. I see your transparent walk with Jesus and it is so refreshing to hear the flow of your spirit to spirit relationship with our Lord. I have to agree with Elizabeth: we who are ‘older saints’ (chuckle) can relate so well to every word as we have walked through so many changes and never could have imagined the world as it is now even though He told us in the scripture what would come REALITY has been a real wake up call. And to see so many who are still sleeping or doozing in and out is hard to swallow. Thank you for this beautiful truth about the Spirit of Truth who I love and whom I serve as humbly as I can. God Bless You. Sandi Holman

  2. Hello Brother in Christ –

    I sense your post speaks to a lot of us ‘older saints’ -past 40 – but able to still walk upright ‍♀️‍ and take nourishment’ :)- under 100. I felt the witness of Holy Spirit to your comments here: “They will not trade the deep walk they have today, for what is so much less”.

    AND “A lot of us thought we would be out of here by now. To make it short, we are most likely going to go through much more tribulation than we once thought”.

    All I can say is “Yes” …I’ve def.thought that sane thing often. In scripture, and in my own life, the Lord rarely does things the way I thought He would. He does what He desires to accomplish His plans. His way. His time. That’s the history of Israel and the Church. Why would we think He would change for us?

    He is the Lord of glory. We must yield to His Spirit. It’s a lesson I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning: the Lord, He is God.

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