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The Spirit of Vengeance Strikes, Let the Recoverers Arise! — 11 Comments

  1. Amen! We are not just standing. We will recover what the enemy has sought to steal, kill, and destroy in America. We decree that America will be saved!

  2. Yes, YES, and AMEN and AMEN…
    BELIEVE YaHWeH and his prophets…
    Praying for TRUMP all year and against the spirit of Jezebel and MOLESH…



  3. Amen, I and my husband and friends have been praying as part of the remnant for righteous for this nation and standing in prayer and support of President Trump.God’s Will and Plan is not over saints for this nation or the nations it’s just the beginning against the Gates of Hell amour up saints with God’s word as your sword and shield the victory belongs to God!

  4. Forgive us, FATHER, for our complacency. LORD, we sat back, waiting for the USA to be changed by our president. Yes, LORD, we prayed but our words were not focused in the SPIRIT. Forgive us in the name of JESUS. Amen

    Christian’s, let us come together in unity to lay our prayer lives at the foot of the THRONE, which will build our strength in our faith, looking only to GOD for answers.

    To all who read HKP, and prophet Abel, please post your name here as a promise to pray for GOD’S will to be done – not man’s will, but GOD’S will. HE is in control!
    HE hears our prayers!

    • Yes Lord! Thank you for this Word! I commit to a renewed commitment to run the race of a Recoverer to labor as God directs and leads for Thrones, Spheres and Souls wherever (in any land and nation) You lead.
      Lord, renew and strengthen my passion to fight for Your children.
      All honor and praise to You Lord. Asking and trusting in Jesus Name, amen.

  5. Amen, I am ready, willing and able intercessor I have been praying, with others, for Pres Trump and righteousness for this nation since God spoke his choosing thru his prophets in 2019 and 2012. Thank you for this excellent word from Our Father.

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