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The Stone’s Been Rolled Away! — 8 Comments

  1. So excited reading this message that is a confirmation of a vision & dreams. 4 years ago after a 21 days personal prayers, early hours of the last day, a sweet fragrance flowered perfume was released around my head where I laid sleeping & after a while, the fragrance started to spread round my whole apartment. Again, towards Feast of Easter last year, I had a dream where a man stood near an old Rocky smooth STONE that everyone must step on to pass. He said to me” Many people pass here everytime but the stone stayed intact but when you passed, the stone got up turned releasing some things under it”. Today, i had a dream where a man took me to a dark place & instructed me to dig out an abandoned Heap & when I did first, 2 cocoyam corm rolled out exposing some ginger inside the heap & other plants. I couldn’t remember planting on this heap. Lastly, I HEARD CLEARLY TODAY, “HERE I COME “. More Grace Dear God’s vessel of Honor BEV! Thanks.

    • Adams.
      Wow! Awesome you got the confirmations! GOD is so good to us! Sounds as if you were very blessed.

      Feel like in your last dream, God is saying you will find treasures, even in dark places, because He will lead you to them, as you continue to dig deeper in your relationship with Him.

      God Bless you, Adams! Bev

      • Amen. Thank you Abba Father! Lord, take me deeper in your words. Thank you Dear BEV! May God reward you for blessing me & others with God’s words.

  2. Wow! Powerful word. It’s all about HIS Glory, and as HE sends out HIS army, HE already knows those who belong to HIM.
    Blessings to you Beverly. May you never lack any good thing as you continue to bring forth HIS words of confirmation and encouragement to the body of Christ for such a time as this.

    • Jennifer,
      Yes, the ones that already belong to Him are marked with JESUS across their forehead. I’ve seen it in meeting & seeing people in other locations.

      The LORD says, “You are wise & have discernment.  You have great compassion & mercy for others, giving much of yourself. For even as you have given so shall you receive from Me.

      Know that much change awaits you in the days ahead. Do not be afraid of My change, but embrace it. Continue to draw into Me, for the revelation you desire & the deeper you get, the more you shall receive.”

      BLESSINGS! Bev

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