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  1. Dear Stephen- In comment on your suggestion #3 above, I’d like to quote what I just wrote to Sister Barbara in today’s previous post, for it also applies directly to the importance of what you just wrote: “Dear Barbara- I so much appreciated your post today, as I have discovered a wealth of valuable information in the treasures of wisdom you constantly share.  I too am very thankful and eager to study, ponder, and learn from the higher authority of the rehma Word.  However, in sharing the rehma Word, one of the first obstacles we often run into is the church system ‘wall’ against it, where many Christians believe the written Logos is the ’final Word’ of God that all other Words must conform to & measure up to.  However, Jesus says this attitude developed where His children fall short of His holy Spirit revealed Truth, and don’t hear Him anymore, therefore they must fall back on the Logos as their ’catch-all’ safety net.  When in fact, He reveals by His rehma revelation Word where men have changed or added many verses, chapters, and even rewritten entire books of the bible to suit their own beliefs, or for control of the church.  One case in point is the verse so many mis-led men point to today that is supposedly attributed to Paul’s writings, that says “women are to be quiet and not be heard in the church” in so many words.  If not for the rehma Word of God revealing to us that this verse was added by self-serving deceitful men, and was not inspired by God, we might all believe it.  But it is far from true, as you are a living testimony to.” rick

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