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The Sword of Truth and Justice Shall Lance America — 11 Comments

  1. It will be good to nix the source, cause and root of the evil, ungodliness and control (including fear) that has tried to have a place in this world, America included.

    May it be just as You’ve spoken through Your Prophetess Father!!
    Thank you for posting Veronica.
    I don’t have enough space to explain the many reasons why I know this is a God Word, I’ve been patiently waiting. I’ve envisioned many times this exact vision!!
    God Bless you Veronica. I’ve been praying.:)

  3. After recently reading Isaiah 59, I felt it had a particular reference to the present situation of the US, because of the failure of its Supreme Court, as a last human resort, to rectify the injustice of the election.  Verses 15-18:
    “Truth is nowhere to be found,and whoever shuns evil becomes a prey.  The Lord looked and was displeased that there was no justice.
    He saw that there was no one, he was appalled that there was no one to intervene;
    so his own arm achieved salvation for him, and his own righteousness sustained him.
    He put on righteousness as his breastplate, and the helmet of salvation on his head;
    he put on the garments of vengeance and wrapped himself in zeal as in a cloak.
    According to what they have done,so will he repay wrath to his enemies and retribution to his foes; he will repay the islands their due.”

  4. People of this Nation are in dire need for action to take place before we totally collapse.
    Lord come quickly

  5. The source of a boil is an entry wound. Do you have any idea what that was at all? I like to pray with as much wisdom as I can. Thank you so much

  6. My heart was broken yesterday at Church. Our Pastor had a wonderful Sermon about the times we are in right now. He talked about what we’re facing right now and what is to come with our Lord and Savior in heaven.
    He asked with a show of hands who would pray for our Nation, and to our Savior.
    I’m not not kidding when I say it wasn’t even half the congregation. 
    He even brought it up again, like did they hear me?

  7. Amen and amen! There will be nothing left of this Tower of Babel but the scaffolding – and that will collapse like a house of cards when the Lord blows with the mighty breath of his Presence like a rushing wind across the land. Thy kingdom come and be manifested in us and through us, Lord!

  8. No clearer analogy, than a boil on soul of America, and the relief of having this lanced and return to America, One Nation Under G-d!

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