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The T.R.U.M.P. Seesaw : The Elephants Out-weigh The Donkeys! — 11 Comments

  1. Always love your prophetic words, Veronica!!
    God bless you for giving us all hope while we have waited for God’s intervention!!

  2. Agreeing that Holy Spirit bring every word of this prophetic utterance to pass!  Be it unto us!  We speak our agreement into the atmosphere and ask for a holy invasion of God’s purposes & ways in every system & structure of our country!  Be it unto us!  Every strategy of the enemy being broken & shattered to pieces in the name of Jesus Christ!  Be it unto us!  Amen Veronika!  God bless & keep you!

  3. fyi originally the left was called jack ass not donkey lol after andrew jackson. we need to revive the name imo! the word has already gone forth in the spiritual realm the enemy will lose period. ps3 this was given to me when praying for P Trump about the raid at mara lago etc…its powerful God is fighting for Him. also the Lord showed me a court room a judge on the bench looking thru Trumps documents the judge took a stamp began stamping the pages of the docs when he lifted the stamp it read in RED letters Vindicated! i sensed the red meant the Blood of Christ.Trump has won in the spiritual realm and will succeed to be next pres. God willing! url to ps3 song:https://youtu.be/NFQbM17dn1w

  4. It is a sad statement that there were so many donkeys. I fear for America if GOD does not act to save it. How can so many people be so deceived?

    • ‘How can so many people be so deceived?’

      …well satan has been building his army, so it’s not so much a case of ‘being deceived’ – but rather being recruited. Yes, of course deception plays a big part, but there are many that willingly choose darkness over light.


  5. Thank you Veronika, this word is very encouraging, especially to those who’ve been waiting and contending for Destiny to be fulfilled.
    God bless you!! :)

  6. Ha, ha, ha, I love the Lord’s sense of humor Veronica. He sits in the heavens and laughs at the evil doers! Thanks for sharing those dreams. God bless!

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