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  1. Speak the truth prophet. False prophets are being exposed.
    We will see and know the hand of God is on this nation
    when we repent and cry out for the Lord to heal our land.

    It doesn’t matter who is president.
    What matters is who is King.

  2. When I hear you speak I always know that you will speak against the President, never have I made him my golden calf or to assume others have. We know that a Biden Presidency is wrong for America, his stance for Abortion is what is most evil, yet nothing is said about the evil he represents, the alters of sacrifice of children I are worship to Baal, so this is not something you ever warned about, yet you tell the people we made a Golden Calf out of President Trump!!!

  3. This is absolute truth ! I don’t understand why false prophets can’t swallow their pride and agree with God’sSupreme decision over the Nation !Itsdone !Decided and God is in Control .
    Thank you so much for resonating with my heart’s words.

  4. RPK, Actually many have made Trump into an idol. There is no voter fraud, and this president needs to eventually realize that he lost. It’s time for some to quit following conspiracy stories that are painted to portray these kinds of political mumbo jumbo.

    • Well, speaking the truth has nothing to do with pride. Indeed I do know how our motives and opinions can influence what we speak. At the same time, I hope in time that you will gain some discernment and know when truth is spoken. It was here through the Holy Spirit. Don’t allow your elevation of a man to cloud your judgment. Peace.

    • I disagree with you about there being no voter fraud. There is. But that was the Democrates plan all along. The democrates have been stuffing ballots for decades, even Truman claimed it happened for him.
      This whole plan has been enacted by the Chinese through their Covid-19 pandemic that they purposely spread around the world. Because of the pandemic, the democrates finally got what they have always wanted: mail in ballots which makes cheating to win an election very easy. (Now remember, I am not defending the democrates or the republicans because I am in the comment section telling everyone what God told me why Trump did not win. And you need to be non-partisan to be a prophet for the Lord).
      Someone put a video out several years ago about their dream which is about Trump and China.  In the dream, an alligator is in DC and DC is a swamp.  This alligator takes out many swamp creatures.  A huge dragon shows up and decapitates the alligator (Trump is the alligator and China is the dragon). We all know what it is now but then nobody really knew. China is behind this election fraud and it was planned. The dems work for China.
      Back in 2004, I saw a USA flag upside down and then CCP. I was told by the Lord that lies would be everywhere and it would be difficult to know what is truth and what is lies (that is now).  I didnt know what CCP was then,I do now, it is the Chinese Communist Party.

  5. And, yes there has been terrible wide- spread voter fraud! As satan wants to destroy America, so the Gospel cannot be preached.
    And Joe Biden is not President of America! The Fake News has said that! They are not God!!!
    God Bless!

  6. Joe Biden is not our President! President Trump is not our King! Jesus Christ is Our King. Even President Trump said, “Jesus is Greater than himself”.
    He is Not Our idol!!!
    God Bless you.

  7. The foundational question here is this, is this a word for the believers or the unbelievers or both?
    America was never a city on a hill,that privilege goes to the church of Jesus Christ IN America(or wherever). The accusation that people have worshiped trump is a false accusation, Christians have actively prayed for Trump’s good not,as you accuse, worship Him.
    The final query is,is God going to destroy the wicked with the righteous? Where is the distinction? This prophetic word lacks hope. Where is hope? Our God is a God of Hope. Where is hope? In all the prophesies in scripture, God always ends with hope.
    This is not a prophetic word, it has deep prejudices that heaven would not carry according to scripture. You hate Trump.
    But let us wait and see whether the Lord will favor Trump a second time. We shall see.

  8. Do you not hear yourself (RPK). You think “the people” decide the trajectory of leadership by the casting of a vote? Elohim sits on the throne! He decides. The constitution is a privilege. God sits above ALL principalities and governments. The Earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof. God sends “priests” to anoint leaders but it is God and God alone who decides. Proverbs 21:1 – “the King’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, like the rivers of the water; he turns it wherever he wishes” not a citizen’s vote. Promotion comes from the Lord not simply by casting of vote for leadership . Read Psalm 75:6-7

  9. I asked the Lord: why did Trump not win? He said, “He took what was Mine.”  Our hearts (love) belongs to GOD and no man is to usurp His place in our hearts.

  10. Know someone who was at the count and has said how bad it was and even was in the night sent home with Trump way ahead and so not a chance Biden would catch up . But came back in the morning to find buden ahead with no one there …. they all who are there know it’s been corrupted.Trump is not and never has been an idol…. scripture says its Gods to Avenge and to judge
    Yet you pass judgement on us and trump so easily…. we are in fact lifting up the Nation and praying for Gods MERCY,Biden is on track to Devide Israel and will not deal with anyone who will recognize Jerusalem as a Capital of Israel , wants abortion up to 9 months …. and will put Obama in as trade envoy to the uk …. brilliant, so have yourself tested what you have heard…??? Unity commands The Blessings, divided we fall choose this day who you will serve Amen

  11. Thank you Jesus for rescuing your children from idolatry. Forgive us for putting our trust in a man as if he were able to save us. Help us see the error of our ways and lead us gently back to you. Amen

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