The Taste of Demonstration

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No Flesh Saved

I was speaking with a close neighbor today; I have to say, this young man has insight, far above his age group.  He does not recognize yet, that the call of God is upon his life.  He and his beautiful wife have withdrawn from most other people around us.  They’ve been hurt by the unkind remarks that were made about them; people who accused them of things, that were not true.  It seems, family has used him; forgotten him.

He’s angry; and he’s angry with God.  He said some things, that in the old days, I would have fainted.  I would have hit the dirt, with my hands over my head, praying God would not strike him, and hit me too.  But, I’ve been in the place he’s in; I learned, without help from anyone else, that God was indeed my friend.  Like King David, I could be open with Him, and tell Him how I really felt.  To my surprise, He could take it.  This idea of us not being able to ask questions and be real with God, was someone’s fabrication.

Many people are at a crossroads today.  They have tried to remain honest and fair, while they see others following the paths of men and becoming more successful and rich, than ever before.  The question many are asking God, is, why are you letting all of these things happen.  Why are you letting those at the top obtain more and more, and so many others are suffering.  I had to reach deep inside what I believe, to share a little insight.  If we do look around, all of the things we see, are leading up to something.  You can be sure, God is not always going to sit back, and let evil people reign free.

When something is built on sand, or made out of air, it will come down one day.  People can go on as if it will all continue as it is, if they want to.  I tried to relay, how all of this was prophesied; and it is coming to pass.  There is no longer any doubt, that we are much further along in the last days, than many of us understood.  The signs are everywhere.  And we too often have forgotten, that Jesus foretold these things, to His disciples, before He left.  I am glad, that He left some promises; if we endure, we are going to make it.

We are in the midst, and headed for, much tribulation.  Regardless of the kind of teaching many of us received about these times, we will see things that we never thought we would see.  We earnestly must go back, and read again, what Jesus said about this hour.  But even now, He knows just how much we can take.  If all of these things coming upon us, were not cut short as He said, there would be no flesh saved, of those yet left here.  I tried to convey, that it will change; surely, much sooner than some of us realize.  We cannot stand against all of this; but He can.  Lord, help us to hold out.

The Taste of Demonstration

And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of men’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power [1 Corinthians 2:4].  We know who said that.  One might agree, that it now seems that there’s a lot of what the apostle said, he did not use in his ministry.  I do not want to sound critical, but have you ever heard such enticing words, coming from those today, who are speaking and preaching.  Men’s wisdom.  It’s not the wisdom of God; it’s drawing people, for your very own kingdom.

We can claim to have the gifts of the Spirit in our group; our fellowships.  But just how many of these gifts, have we actually seen demonstrated?  We went through a period of time, when we saw much more of these things being operated.  Tongues and interpretation of tongues, prophecy, word of wisdom and word of knowledge, discerning of Spirits, the gift of faith, and even some miracles and a least one of the gifts of healing.  Let me get to the point, if I may.  Many of us, were used in those things.  We really were.

Some people, even on here [Facebook], were used mightily of God.  In reality, we had a somewhat brief time period, to exercise what we had been given.  And then, came rejection, and the shutdown.  I’m here to do my best to speak to some people.  I can only do that, if the Spirit helps me and strengthens me.  I said shutdown; and that’s pretty much what happened.  But we had a real taste.  We knew without any doubt, that what we had was genuine, and it was the mighty power of the Holy Ghost.  We demonstrated, what we had.

The best way to truly reach someone, is to speak from your own personal experience.  I saw things in the Spirit, I never knew I would see; both good, and bad.  Remember, it’s only by His Spirit, but I could discern things, know things, feel and sense things, on a realm I was never in before.  Some of the things were wonderful; some were awful.  It may cost me dearly to say this, but I saw things in the house of the Lord, that floored me and made me very sad.  Insight in word of wisdom and word of knowledge, came on a regular basis.  Okay, that’s enough about me.  But later, it all but stopped.

All of us with these kind of experiences, know that it is real; once you’ve been there, you’re never the same again.  But we had some learning to do.  There was much pruning to be done in us; traditions and commandments of men, had to be chipped away.  We had to also taste of Christ’s suffering; what He went through, on a much larger scale than we ever knew before.  We had a taste, some mightier than others, so we wouldn’t give up while we went through the rest of our training and preparation.  Demonstration, of the Spirit, in it’s fullness, is returning.

The taste, will become an outpouring.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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