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The Time For Great Harvesting — 3 Comments

  1. ” I AM even bringing an end to the theatrics and falsehood. In this season.”


    Nearly all the singing is to impress the church and hardly anyone worships Jesus!!! in SPIRIT!!! AND IN TRUTH. I have been crying to the Lord about this since 1973.

    Man must move out of the way and let THE HOLY SPIRIT HAVE HIS WAY AS IN THE ASUZA ST REVIVAL OVER A 100 YEARS AGO.

  2. Praise the Lord! Amen! God bless you, dear Sister Syretta Thomas! This is certainly a powerful Word from the Lord and message, in which I embrace. God is reprogramming me from the spirit of religion, tradition, being led by the flesh. The Lord Jesus is sanctifying, purifying me by the Holy Spirit, breaking off those old ways of thinking, following fleshly routines, renouncing those things that doesn’t line up with God’s Divine, Perfect or Preferred Will.

    I thank God – for using you to share such a timely message, within this season. I receive and embrace the Word of the Lord, praying that Jesus Christ continues to lead me by the Holy Spirit – in all things. God bless you, peace and love to you and your family, to the Body of Jesus Christ! Shalom! ♥️

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