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The Time of the Kindling of the Flame! — 4 Comments

  1. There are no words to speak that can reveal the Holy Anger that is kindled against the Dark One who is an enemy of our souls. A love that indwells a believer for the found and the lost compels each one of us to do battle. Even if we are weak and downtrodden, we have a voice and a choice. From the vantage of weakness, pour out your prayers for the weak. From you vantage of oppression, pray for the oppressed. Make war with your love of mankind. Fall down before the throne that others might be lifted up. Look down at armor you put on because you heard that it was advisable to wear it and see it shining with the bright Light of the Son. Stand in the last days and brandish your Sword of the Spirit. They will run from you! Advance and take back the earth with the Power of the Blood and the Strength that indwells you by the Power of the Spirit of God.

  2. “It is My LOVE that will cause them to melt to their knees. For it is My Goodness that brings men to repentance.”

    Amen. May God show your mercy on people in the world. God wants many people to be saved. Help all of true believers wake up and stand for your Kingdom and righteousness. Thanks ♡

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