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The Times They are a Changing! — 1 Comment

  1. Dear Priscilla,
    After spending several days catching up on everything going on in the world and the seeming spiraling events around us, headed toward a literal shaking, I finally came across this article. And it resonated clearly with what I’m sensing in my own soul. Focus on being rapturously in love with Him, and we will be prepared for whatever is on the near (or far) horizon. I just know that I can’t abide NOT being wholly consumed with the Beloved. I just wanted to thank you for your encouraging, balanced word and ask if you might say a quick prayer for me, that I would today, tomorrow, for the rest of my days, seek Him with ALL my heart, soul and strength. I can’t abide the thought of not being ready, not taking my place in The Bride of Christ because of laziness and “the cares of this world” taking ridiculous priority over the One thing, the One person, the One relationship that truly matters. Thank you Priscilla! :)Kimberly

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