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The Timing of God and His Impeccable Attention To Details — 13 Comments

  1. Dear Mary, I love your stories. This story moved my heart so much as I was just trying to put together the pieces of words the Lord was giving me for 2023. The Lord reminded me as I read your word that everyone has a story and everyone has an unmet desire waiting for us to meet. May this year be your best year ever! Much love and peace, Sandi Holman

  2. Oh yes!  Always listen and ACT on those little prompts from the Spirit.  Learn from my fail.  A group from my church was going on a mission trip to build housing.  They intended to take children’s shoes as well.  I had an inkling to buy the largest sizes, 10,11,12 thinking most people would give little shoes.  I failed to act, allowing busyness to interfere.  To my sorrow, the testimonies upon their return mentioned only one sad thing, a few came for large shoes, but there were none and they went away empty handed and barefoot.  I weep for my failure.  The really sad thing is it would not even have been a sacrifice for me, as I had the money and a very convenient store.  God forgive me.

    • We all fail. And we then learn to not hesitate when the Lord speaks to us. You get another opportunity to do something to help! Go for it! And thanks for being SO honest. Love it.

  3. Dear Mrs. Lindow, thank you for sharing this beautiful story which touched me immensely. I was moved by your words as they gave me confirmation to gift my inherited collections of beautiful porcelain dishware and glassware to a neighbor and to my future daughter-in-law.
    The Lord bless you and keep you. Sincerely, Gabriele

  4. I absolutely loved this beautiful and touching story, Mary, thank you for sharing.  You have kissed my heart with hope and God used you to do that.  May God bless us all in this new year!!!

  5. Echo this atmosphere to all Joel 2:25 lifestyle that others little prayers are answered by good stewardship of saints and the divine carrier of gift of stuff. Do over of lost gifts. A gift not used is like love not shared in live time. Enemy calls it his dry rot of trust of Father power faith starvation to hopeless. So many harmed we all are his good gift bearer his hands and stewards of others wealth of faith accounts, hope builders 2023 Father does our assignment of gift giving where we all lack.

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