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  1. Yes, Yes. Concerning the servant-leader model, it is not about servants becoming leaders and leaders becoming servants. It is about servants being servants AND leaders being leaders. They need to be both so keep on the mantle of humility as described by Rick Joyner. There is leadership from the top-down AND there is leadership from the bottom-up. Extract from Kathie Walters (2012):

    Christ – the Servant King is the gift of God that Australia will reveal to the nations. His power and anointing and kingly crown rests upon the servant heart.

  2. Yes. We are the voices of the poor, the unborn, and the people in the church who have been rejected and spat on. The last of the last shall become the first of the first, if they adopt the servant-leader model just like Jesus. That is why the Father allowed us to be rejected and spat on just like Jesus.

  3. And I hear myself crying out, Grace, grace that we may see ourselves as HE sees us and run into His arms of love. Much love, Sandi

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