The true attributes of a Father


The true attributes of a father who loves his children can be easily recognized.  It doesn’t require a college degree or a superior level of intelligence to identify the characteristics of a father who loves his children.

I sympathize with those who may not have grown up with a wholesome father figure.  I understand that they may not know what the unconditional love of a father feels like.  But even though some don’t know the love of a natural father, on a human level, I’m sure we can agree that there are absolutely some things that CANNOT be included as behaviors or actions of a father who loves His children.

  • A loving father wouldn’t steal from his children.
  • A loving father wouldn’t purposely harm his children.
  • A loving father wouldn’t purposely make life more difficult for his children.  A loving father wouldn’t place a crippling sickness or disease on his children, and
  • A loving father wouldn’t abuse or kill his children.

Yet, many think our loving Heavenly Father treats His children in these tragic ways.  I sure don’t claim to know it all, but I do know that these aren’t characteristics of a loving Father.

The idea that God is behind all of the terrible things that happen to His children has kept many away from church and even trying to know Him for years!

I had a dread of church and the “guilt, shame and performance pressures” that came with a certain denomination.  It kept me fearful of “church,” until I changed my perception of God and what the bible actually said about Him.

The characteristics of a godly father who loves his children are universal with people all over the world.  I would risk saying that if they treated their children the way some think God treats His children they would be in a state prison right now.  And many UNGODLY fathers are, or should be!

If you’ve struggled with making sense about what you know to be the characteristics of a father who loves His children and the beliefs many have that God is a mean and punishing guy, I encourage you to search the scriptures.

The bible is full of the loving examples of our Heavenly Father and honestly, they don’t match the “traits” that many Christians have given Him. Take a look around you and rethink situations when a tragedy strikes.

Ask yourself if the situation steals, kills or destroys.  Then ask yourself if these are characteristics of a Father who loves His children.  Coming up with an answer shouldn’t be very difficult.

“The thief approaches with malicious intent, looking to steal, slaughter, and destroy;  But I the Lord, came to you give life with joy and abundance,”   John 10:10.


~ Mary Lindow ©

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” THE MESSENGER ” ~ Mary Lindow

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