The true Holy Ghost, brings Unity


We are never going to accomplish anything, with everybody, doing things their own way.  No body of any kind, can even function, except that it works together; each individual part, in its very own place.  I can see today, why Christ and his followers, took great effort in speaking about this issue; that not one piece, was greater than the other. It was all for the good of the entire body; and in this case, the good of Spirit.

We are not worthy of this vocation we have been called into, if we do not understand how we are supposed to act.  When I look back down the road, at some of the behavior and attitudes of those who said they were called, it’s no wonder that I found myself confused, early on.  Some of us are what you call baby boomers plus; we have been around a while now.  So, just why would you need to remind someone, that we must be manifesting the fruit of the Spirit.  We are not babes in Christ at this point; or if we are, it means that we have not grown at all.  The true Holy Ghost, brings unity.

The Spirit, is not disordered or fractured.  It’s not splintered off into any kind of individual group or some kind of one man show . It might be news to some of us, that the Spirit is also balanced.  While we are dealing with this, we might as well report, that the Spirit is also very sensitive.  And we can like this or not, but the Holy Ghost, also knows quite well when He is wanted, and when He is not.  This same Spirit we are talking about, can get offended or grieved.  I remember one of our ministers, talking about the early Church; how the Holy Ghost dealt with a couple that got in His way.

We were once very in tune with what we called being in “one mind, and one accord.”  On the day of Pentecost, those who were there, were all waiting, for the very same thing; the Holy Ghost to come.  I think, it might have been a bit different, if they had all been scattered and each, doing their own thing; studying their own interpretation.  The Holy Ghost actually roared into that place, and everybody in the place was filled; and this one event, has been told and retold, ever since.  Can you imagine, what might happen, if we were to go back to that kind of waiting, that kind of focusing and determination to receive, what they were told to wait for.  The Power.

There was a time, it did not matter who had the message of the moment; it did not matter who had the song that was going to move the church.  Just as long as the Spirit moved in depth, and the Holy Ghost accomplished what He meant to do in that hour.  What were the basic ingredients to this kind of move?  Lowliness, and meekness, longsuffering and forbearing one another in love.  An endeavor, is a conscientious or concerted effort toward an end, an earnest attempt.

When anybody decides they are going to follow the leading of the Spirit, no matter what, their life changes.  When everyone got together and waited on the Holy Ghost, the power came and it still comes, when we do that.  Not unity in the flesh; but, unity in the Spirit.


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