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The T•R•U•M•P Chariot and The Wheels of Justice and Judgement — 17 Comments

  1. I love this dream, thank you so much for sharing this !!
    This is so hope filled.  Yes may Gods justice & Judgement come, may His winds blow & the fear of the Lord bring us all back in alignment with Him.  My #45 be restored to his rightful place.

  2. THANK YOU VERONIKA That was a very powerful dream on many levels.  I too have been praying for the hearts of Fathers and sons to turn towards each other. So blessed by this sharing today thank you. Waiting for the manifestation of all of this with abated breath. Ps the slurry smell is quite unique.

  3. Thank you Veronica, always look forward to your messages.Beautiful and promising message for this hour. Thanks again.

  4. I see what you mean about a 3 year old!! LOL. Thanks for sharing, your words are always encouraging and minister to the spirit. God bless you.

  5. Thank You Veronika,
    The words from God are so precious. Forget about the quality of the art. We love God and we love you!!!

  6. Thank you so much for all you share with us. It helps to relieve some of the heaviness I have for all oppressed people of all nations. Waiting for GOD’S GLORY to free all people. It will come through America and Israel as the LIGHT to all nations.GOD BLESS you and all HIS Prophets

  7. And also, concerning the vomit in the mouths, I am reminded of Rick Joyners vision he wrote in a book called, “The Final Quest.” A very powerful and timely Word as well for this Day and Hour. You can find it on audio youtube.
    Blessings all :D

  8. A month ago I had an open vision.
    PDJT was on the Capitol steps, at the podium, delivering a speech. There was an audience, I could tell.
    It quickly went to many people on the dais and he was being sworn in on a Bible with his wife by his side. Many dignitaries were surrounding him. Xo

  9. Good beautiful Day Veronica.
    As I sit on my balcony praying and pondering the dream He’s given you to share and encourage His people (Thank You Father), I’m reminded again of the horse Secretariat, who won the Tripple Crown in 1974.
    Right before the 1st of the 3 races, he developed an infection in his mouth, they weren’t even sure if he would be able to race. But on the very day of that first race he went on to beat the top pick “Sham” and by the 3rd race he won by an astounding 31 lengths!!
    The Lord has led me to Proverbs 31, which has incredible significance.
    This Word means more to me than I have room to share. What a blessing He has made you to a tired and weary people, refusing to give up or give in.
    Bless your beautiful heart Veronica :)
    Thank You Father.

  10. I am greatly blessed Woman of God by your sharing your dream__it speaks volumes to my spirit.Thank God for you!!!

  11. I woke up this morning with a deep, urgent, weeping intercession in me for the hearts of the Fathers to be turned back to the children & the children to the Fathers.Feeling a desperation for breakthrough to manifest in the muck of what America has been mired in. An intense longing for the Oneness of WE THE PEOPLE TO BE RESTORED. I AM ENCOURAGED TO READ YOUR DREAM. THANK YOU FOR SHARING.

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