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The Truth About Halloween — 5 Comments

  1. Please for my family that the Lord will reveal the truth to them.  They believe is an innocent act for the children to get dressed in customs and have fun.  They dont believe me so I need to pray and have others agree with me for His mercy and truth to fall on them.  Thank your in advance for your prayers.

  2. Very good article, dear sister. Halloween is absolutely not a costume or candy / candle party game. It’s occult and it’s against the freedom we have in Jesus Christ. Years ago I handed out small pamphlets about it, too.
    I am concerned how widespread this evil “holiday” now has gone all over the world. Multitudes of people do not resist and follow satanic rules. What will they look like when JESUS knocks at their door…?

  3. any activity that is slated concerning this holiday to undermine the work of God, Almighty God bring it to nought. severely stamp your authority on the works of wickedness and witchcraft. May your power be felt mightily and may your enemies be scattered!

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