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The Turning Around — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Mr. Blackburn,
    No disrespect intended sir.I refuse to worry or have worry or despair because I have a promise that Jesus is my refuge my strength and ever present help in times of trouble. Look up child. Love made this world and He is here for you.

    Lord bless the and keep the

    Trish Everett

  2. Well we need to be honest about how things got to the way they are now. For all the warm fuzzy memories, the church has been 100% ineffective in stopping the horrendous decline of our society as it swirled down the toilet of leftism and progressivism. The church as been too insular and not nearly militant and involved enough in the government, media, entertainment and academia. We allowed these institutions to be completely overrun with demonic influence while pretending that since our home is heaven we shouldn’t get involved. Well, I think we were wrong.

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