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The UK: The Whirlwind of Wilberforce & The Mantle of Churchill — 4 Comments

  1. The last Thursday in November I was praying for our nation and the elections with 3 other ladies. As we prayed the Holy Spirit highlighted the fact that the elections take place on the 12th of December the 12th month of the year we just knew that God was saying something very significant. One of the ladies looked up the significance of the number 12 in the scriptures and it is Gods Government. We then began to pray and decree the establishment of Gods government to be put in place on the 12th and as we prayed this God gave me a picture of a huge Golden Eagle flying over the U.K. and settling over the Houses of Parliament. At the same time I was overwhelmed by Gods presence and heart for our nation and began to weep totally spontaneously. We all felt that God was confirming our prayers to encourage us.
    This for me reminded me of Psalm 91 and how God desires our nation to come under the shadow of His wings and as we do that we will see His protection and deliverance as we pray and decree His word over our nation of the U.K.

  2. Two months ago I was led to read the book: St. Joseph of Arimathea at Glastonbury.  Wonderful read.  I had no idea that England was the first to declare itself a Christian nation.  Ever since, intercession has come forth for the church in England to rise up as the church is rising up in the United States.  I speak to the church in England.  Now is the time to rise up in prayer.


    The Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence
    And the violent take it by force
    There’s coming a terrible army with banners
    The Lord Alone staying their course
    Satan will fall like lightning
    Wondering how things ever could go soo wrong
    Weren’t these losers just resting on their beds
    Singing a New Song
    How did they ever figure out
    What is it they did do
    That brought them soo close to the Holy Ghost
    And weeping twixt the Porch and Alter too

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