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The Uncapping of Ancient Wells — 11 Comments

  1. What an amazing holy word. I am in total agreement with you and I thank you in the precious holy name of the lord Jesus christ almighty.
    All glory and honour be with you holy father, hosanna in the highest.
    God bless everyone of us.
    Thank you for the word daughter of God.


    Worthy art Thou to take the Book

    And to open the seals thereof

    It’s a Book that forthtells Victory

    That unveils the One Who is Love

    The One Who by His Spirit

    Will soon put on display

    Out of every kindred tongue and nation

    A Kingdom that’s coming to stay

    They’ll be Reigning right here in the now and now

    Not just in the sweet bye and bye

    Establishing the Rule of the One Who is True

    Wresting control from the one who is a lie

  3. Thank you JESUS, the great and mighty I AM, the king of king the lord of lords and yaweah!  We praise and worship you and stand strong in your word, in our faith and pray for JUSTICE and PROTECTION!  IJN

  4. Veronica, hallelujah!  So encouraged by your words from the Lord this morning.  I know so many are pressing on and the enemy delights when we grow weary or feel alone in the middle of the whirling sea around us.  I come and read the words and the comments and know that I am one of many who stand in the battle.  I choose to claim these words for me and mine and my brothers and sisters.  HE is great and gracious and mighty to save.

  5. Thank you Veronika,
    You’re a true voice speaking in these days. Thank you Lord for your Daughter our Sister.
    God Bless,

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