The Uncertain Sound


Why do we need an ear to hear?  There are many voices, and none are without significance.  We can be sure, that there are many things being spoken here and in all kinds of assemblies.  Since very few are calling people on their stuff, it seems to have emboldened these to continue.  I have to be honest, that I never want to hurt anyone here [on Facebook] or anywhere else.  I’ve known enough hurt and heartbreak, to last me the rest of my days here.  I searched hard for what the Spirit might have me say just now.

It was spoken of in the Revelation.  The Spirit of Christ, said that this group had tried some of those who said they were apostles.  They found that they were false.  The Spirit said, they were liars.  I think we are in a time, when there are more false prophets, false brethren and false teachers.  One of the problems for a lot of us, is that we were not allowed to call these people for what they were.  The true apostles and prophets would have, if the church of our day had not silenced there voices.  The ministry and the saints, could have discerned who was right.

The problem with some of what we are hearing here and in other places, is that it is abounding with self.  We like to talk about the way you can tell a prophet is false; about the fruit they manifest.  We might ask ourselves, what kind of fruit are we looking for.  One thing, of course, is if what they say actually comes to pass.  There are reasons why some prophecies are not fulfilled; we can study that later.  However, what other fruit might we examine.  We all have seen much of those, who are always talking about money.  It’s so bad, that you have to give them money, to get the prophecy.

One clear kind of fruit, is if they are placing more emphasis on themselves, than they are Jesus Christ. It’s one thing to be bold, but if we cannot manifest the fruit of the Spirit as we do so, then it is no doubt too much self that is involved.  The tone of voice that many use, should hint as to what these are truly all about.  There is often no unction of the Spirit; you don’t genuinely feel that kind of spiritual exchange that happens, when the Holy Ghost is doing the talking.  We cannot be truly of the Spirit, without also being meek.

I am sure that the Spirit is not discouraging people from giving the message they feel God has given them to share.  And in this hour when the Spirit is urging those who have been called to step up and declare what He is saying to the Church, He is not trying to put down anyone.  Unless, they are too much in self, and too much in promoting who they are and what they call themselves.  We may need at times to be reminded, that it is not about us.  It did not start with us, and it will not end with us. It’s about Him.  It’s also not about what we can do in the Spirit, but what the Spirit can do thru us.  We have to know the difference in this hour; we must know.

Some things do not sound right.  We need to turn off our physical ears, and listen with the ears of the Spirit.  I’m afraid, that the Holy Ghost is being grieved, by how some are performing.  Some of us are getting a bit too pumped up about who we are in God.

I said this, and I said that; I saw this and I saw that. I say nothing.  We do not need to hear what I, have to say.  For so many of us, the lack of true humility, is destroying our message. Many are being so very much sincere; encourage those.  They could learn by our example.

It ouches folk, but I read again just now, where Paul said, that he was the least of all saints. He said that, for all of our benefit.

I pray not to offend anyone.  What purpose does that serve.  But how can we dare to get the bighead about what we think we know.  What sound are you hearing from people.

Does it edify the body of Christ, or does it seem more to edify that person; it doesn’t matter who they are, or what platform they speak from?  Perilous times are here; they’ve already been here for a while.  What do you hear?   Is it clamor, or sweet talk; is it mixed with the fear of the Lord?   And can the Holy Ghost, interrupt whenever He so desires?

There must be a certain sound.  Natural men can’t hear it; the Holy Spirit can.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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