The universal Church needs a trip to the Potter’s House


church imageWhich one is making God sicker these days?  Is it he world?  Or the universal Church?

Today’s Church at large, everywhere, every land, ever nation and every denomination.  Needs a universal spiritual makeover.  The way that the church is operating today, is in a weak, lukewarm, and crippled state.

The church is supposed to be the salt of the earth, setting a standard for the world; it should be a light that sits on a hill that cannot be hidden.  So how can it be that the world seems to be gaining ground, when the church of the living God is present in the earth?

The church has lost the desire of its “first love”… the love to stand up and defend the truth of God’s word.  The church needs to get up and take a stand against the unlawfulness and ungodliness that fills the world.

An ungodly stench that’s going straight up to the nostrils of the almighty God.  We need to get away from all of the traditions, ceremonies, revivals, and services, Church as usual Sunday mornings that are proving unproductive for winning souls and for fighting against the powers of darkness!  Coming to church in bad shape and leaving in a worse condition than before!

O Zion, what’s the matter now?  Why have you lost the zeal for your Lord and your zeal to see the “greater works” that the Lord has promised?!

A lot of these worldwide, big name ministries are fruitless.  They can’t deliver a fly from the back of a cow!  They fleece God’s people continuously by taking more than what they really need.  All for the sake, fattening their own pockets.  I’m talking about the Church in every nation of this world……  the Church should speak out against the world leaders who are deceitful and hypocritical; and worship the beast (Satan) behind the scenes…  but in front of the people, they pretend to reverence and praise God!  They speak about God and the Lord on one side of their mouth, but yet their actions and deeds show another story.

They are swift split tongued liars that have the same agenda of purposely turning this world against God and leading it to an immoral state, by passing and supporting ungodly laws!  And what does the church do?  Continue to sit back tight-lipped so that they can to receive monies, favors, and their government statuses.

Most the church leaders sees it as an honor and privilege to stand in the presence of these wicked, ungodly world leaders.  Standing beside them looking all dignified and pious.  Instead they should use their big TV ministries and influence to be like the prophets of old, who stood in the presence of kings and queens and told them of their wicked and ungodly ways.

Where are the Elijahas, the Jeremiahs, the Isaiahs, the John the Baptists who will stand in the face of worldly leadership and tell the truth?

potter imageIn all nations, the Church needs to visit the potter’s wheel and allow God to give it a spiritual makeover.  It needs to put down its useless lip service and take action against this spiritual wickedness in high places.

The church should be faithful like the church of Philadelphia (Revelation 3)  a Church who was faithful and true to the Lord.  A Church so faithful that God blessed it and opened doors that no man can shut nor open.

But instead, today’s Church is mimicking the actions of the church of Ladodiecea, one in which God is getting sick of it and is about to spit it out of his mouth!

Who is making god sicker these days?  Is it the world?  Or is it the Church?  Hmmmm….  We probably are thinking the same thing!


– by Geraldine Coleman

Geraldine Coleman imageGeraldine Coleman:  Is a teacher and educator and ministers to prisoners at a prison facility where she is an instructor.




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  1. Matthew 15:13
    Amplified Bible (AMP)
    13 He answered, Every plant which My heavenly Father has not planted will be torn up by the roots.