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The Unraveling (Part 2) — 3 Comments

  1. King Jesus . . .
    You are the song of my life
    You are the song of my heart
    You are the song all around me
    I choose this day
    To come into rhythm and step
    With the melody of You
    In the power of the One Spirit
    Who was sent and remains
    For the glory of God the Father

    Have you seen these photos of the easter ‘Bilby’ cloud previously? I believe that it is a sign.
    This is a photo of a rare horseshoe vortex. In Australia, the easter bunny (introduced species) has been replaced with the easter bilby (native species). How has the church responded to the easter bilby sign? At easter, the cross needs to replace easter eggs and the blood of Jesus needs to replace chocolate.
    1. Easter Bilby (this is the lesser bilby). Jesus died on the cross and the lesser bilby is extinct
    2. Bilby in the light
    3. Sky sign on the same day. This is a sign of a sign on the same page. “Austar” points to Australia
    Australia Severe Weather photos.

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