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  1. Bev..UPHEAVAL is such a perfect word! I love that we have the advantage..sometimes we forget what a wonderful weapon in our prayer language!!! This was my fav part: “Using a Heavenly language or tongues gives you a Great Advantage, because the demons don’t have a clue what The Holy Spirit is saying through you, as He Declares, gives instructions, praises, and more!
    He expresses My Heart through your mouth, especially when you don’t know what to say. The Holy Spirit definitely takes care of business! Love and blessings, Sandi

    • Sandi,
      YES!!! LOVE GOD’S PRAYER LANGUAGE & HOW GOD uses it to PRAISE HIM & CONFOUND the enemy! God is so GOOD!

      You are such a Blessing to the body of Christ.  Thank you so much for your love & faithfulness.  BLESSINGS! Bev

  2. Very good post! Thank you so much!

    I hold dearly to all which you have shared with us.

    Yes, we will follow Jesus no matter how much the cost is to us.

    • Therese,
      Papa says, “Mighty Warrior & Beloved of the King, I have not left you nor forsaken you. I AM with you at all times. There is not a second that I havent heard your cries. But timing is what has confounded you & the enemy has used it against you to beat you down.


      Change will be at your door soon & you will never be the same. I AM the LORD & You are My Beloved in whom I am well pleased. Papa

      BLESSINGS! Bev

  3. This word is so full of revelation knowledge, insight and counsel. I will have to keep reading it over and over. Praying for the body of Christ that our prayers, worship, honor, adoration and relationships with God will flourish.

    • Mary,

      “What kindness & grace that sits on your shoulders with abundant wisdom & a heart for all.



      Thank you so much for responding. BLESSINGS! Bev

  4. The wicked ones(Satan, demons & cohorts) think they are wise, mighty but our God is All wise, knowledgeable & mighty than all their mightiest put together. God created all things by His words! HE has also created us His children with so much authority in our mouth so that by faith we can speak, decree a thing it shall be established, heal, overtake, bind, loose, overcome Satan by the blood of the lamb & by the word of our testimonies etc. Yes, satan & all his cohorts tremble & are destroyed by the powerful blood of Jesus & our words spoken (in Heavenly language) by believers. A man once tap my mouth repeatedly in a dream & said ” use your mouth , use your mouth well child & when you speak they shall be testimony”! I decree, anyone or all held captive be set free & every satanic loop holes be destroyed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. I ask for the light of God to shine through us all, Grace to study & understand the word of God by the help of the Holy spirit Amen. Thanks God’s vessel, BEV!

    • Adams,
      “FAITHFUL & TRUE is the BELOVED of the LORD. LONG & HARD YOU have studied MY WORD, LOVING OTHERS as I have LOVED you.

      HUMILITY is a garment you easily wear, that never leaves your shoulders. Many lessons you have had to learn & endure to attain it, but you have done well, My Son.

      BELOVED, things are about to change very quickly for you. Hang on tight to My robe, for the ride may be a bit bumpy, BUT WILL BE SO WORTH IT, IN THE END.” PAPA

      Thank you for responding! BLESSINGS! Bev

  5. Oh Bev, what a Word from the Lord and from you.
    I have shouted, wept, warred in tongues and I’m still crying.

    May I pull out just a couple powerful words?

    “I will forgive when mankind repents. However the reprobates refuse repentance, because they believe in their hard hearts that they are winning this war.

    Also, “Where there is no light, hope becomes deferred, drains out and then disappears.”

    Would people listen and draw nigh to our beautiful Lord and Savior.

    Thank you my precious friend for this instructional Word. It will set many free who listen and obey. I intend to share.

    God bless and keep you, love and prayers, Joyce

    • Joyce,
      “BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO SIT AT THE FEET OF HIM WHO SITS ON THE THRONE. Always there to gain whatever wisdom & revelation is needed.

      The enemy has beat upon you to try to get you to give up & let go of Me. But you have relentlessly fought not only on your behalf, but that of so many others.

      Oh how I LOVE YOU!  Change, change, change is in the air for you. Hang on tight, My BELOVED. You are a DELIGHT to Me! PAPA

      BLESSINGS! Bev

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