The Valley of the Shadow of Death

I wrote this 9 days ago and posted on Facebook, after being on week 1 of a new fast!
I have been pleading with the LORD’s heart to fast and pray against the spirit of suicide and death, warning the saints of the urgency!
Please read this and fast and pray!
I have seen the vision from the LORD of this great evil and it requires us fasting and praying!


Last night Holy Spirit brought things together as it related to the recent attacks of the enemy and the fasts God has me spearheading to avert the attack.

In order to give you the revelation God gave me, I have to start from the beginning.

At the end of May, God had a 3 week fast, that ended in June, where He wanted us to fast and pray for Freedom from bondages for the church and our family.

One week after that fast, God had us do a 2 week fast to pray for the church and for prodigals to forgive and to love.  Then immediately after that, God had us start a fast this past Monday, to come against the spirits of suicide and death.

Last Tuesday, God gave me a vision of this massive blanket coming upon the earth and He said, “Robin, this is the valley of the Shadow of Death that you are seeing.”

In scripture when you see “shadow” it always represents “presence.”  We see the Shadow of God in Psalm 91, representing the presence of God.  Also in scripture in Psalm 23 we see the valley of the shadow of death, representing the presence of darkness.

God is with us in the midst of that valley, as we have His staff to comfort us and His rod of authority to overcome the enemy.  We are unafraid because we are filled with HIs love.

in the midst of the last two fasts, the one on forgiveness and love, and the one on coming against the spirits of suicide and death, Holy Spirit gave me more revelation on Psalm 45, regarding the queen.

I have taught on that so many times in several of our sessions in our schools and trainings.  However, this time God focused on the beauty of the queen and revealed to me greater truths about the power of that beauty, as it relates to spiritual maturity and love.

What is amazing is the next day after reading Psalm 45, I took a picture and posted of a personalized car tag that was DAQUEEN for THE QUEEN.  After that I saw another car tag and took a picture of PENCL for “pencil” but I saw Psalm 45:1 with the tongue of a PEN of a ready writer.

Now to catch up with what God showed me.

Yesterday, God had me share on Facebook live some of the information from Psalm 45, as well the Psalm 23 valley of the Shadow of death.  All last week I preached on life and about being God’s life guards (life watchmen), using the Greek word Zoe, strong’s concordance number #2222.

Yesterday, I met the new neighbor and her parents, who were moving her in.  There are only 2 apartments on my floor, ours and her apartment.  She moved in yesterday and her name is Zoya which is the female version of Zoe, meaning “LIFE!”

How amazing is it that we are fasting all last week, coming against the spirit of death and suicide and at the end of that fast, Zoya (life) moves across from our apartment.

Well last night I watched a movie that brought confirmation on what I have been teaching this week on Facebook live and especially yesterday’s teaching.  If you have not seen yesterday’s teaching I pray that you watch it; it is revealing.

God showed yesterday, that as I use to lifeguard, the people that you try to rescue will fight you (kicking and hitting), and you have to put them in a hold in order to get them to stop fighting you.

I spoke on how those people who are resisting God’s life, and are Christians, are actually fighting those who walk in life, because of their own pride.

God revealed how we did the fast for 2 weeks praying for forgiveness and love, and how that was to break the assignment of pride within the church.  Moreover, God had me talking about Leviathan for several weeks, and how leviathan is trying to stir up unforgiveness.

Do you see this?  Pride stirs up unforgiveness.  Our own pride will keep us from forgiving.

Well get this, because God showed me that the fast on unforgiveness and love was to prepare for this recent attack of the spirit of the valley of the shadow of death!

Do you want to know how?  God showed me that those who are being hit by the spirit of suicide and death have not forgiven because of their own pride and it was their pride that was a hook, allowing the spirit of death access to their person to take them out.

God then revealed to me how people have to repent of their pride and unforgiveness because it is what is allowing the spirit of suicide and death to harass them.

Last night we watched The Secret of Moonacre, and it blew my mind at the confirmation.

The “moon princess,” which confirms Psalm 45 princess and the moon in Song of Solomon 6, where the Shualmite is to shine like the moon, represented the beauty of love of God.

Moreover, the character that helped the moon princess was called LOVEDAY.  The moon princess had to get these pearls to bring RECONCILIATION between two opposing parties, who the characters said HAD PRIDE AND UNFORGIVENESS!

The moon princess had to take the pearls in order that the darkness would be destroyed.

At the end, the moon princess gave herself (laid down her life) so that the darkness would be lifted.  Once the darkness was lifted the CURSE OF DARKNESS WAS BROKEN!

Is that not amazing confirmation!  Therefore, saints please watch Facebook live from yesterday and see where I talk about the queen and the assignment of darkness seeking those in pride.

Please be praying and fasting that those whom you know forgive and love, so that the spirit of pride will be broken and the access of the spirit of death will be cut off.


A saint crying out to God for fullness of deliverance and the manifestation of salvation.
~ Robin Kirby Gatto

Robin Kirby-GattoRobin Kirby-Gatto operates in the prophetic, bringing the testimony of Jesus into the earth through the scripture Revelation 19:10 “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”  Robin walks in God’s Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding and is brought into areas to bring a revelation of God’s Truth, The Word as the Holy Spirit brings forth God’s anointing into her ministry.

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