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  1. Judgement is upon thr house of God. Judgement starts in God’s house, not in the world. The false grace message that has been spoken for far to long in Jesus’ name is coming to an end. His wrath is about to be poured out upon His own house and children. That doesn’t mean He doesn’t unconditionally love those who have accepted Hid free gift of salvation but just as Ananias and Saphira died because of God’s judgement upon them so will many church leaders suffer the same fate. Following the judgment will be the greater restoration we have ever seen, the restoration of all things Jesus tells the disciples about in Matthew 17:11. Those who have ears hear this! God does this because He loves us and removes that which has been corrupted. We will see the Ananias and Saphira church leaders that have accepted Christ but will be killed by God’s hand in heaven later. But Scripture is clear on all of this. The vast majority of people throughout the earth will ultimately repent but His wrath will have to wake His church and this world up to the stark reality of His judgement first.

    • Complete and UTTER tosh!
      There is NO FORM of condemnation & Judgement WHATSOEVER to those who are IN Christ Jesus…..that’s Good news to those who receive it.

      WE God’s children are free from ALLLL forms of Condemnation in HIS sight.
      We the Lord’s children are ACCEPTED IN the beloved.

  2. Oh Deborah, HALLELUJAH!!! :)
    I LOVE the Word Completion!! I’m an Interior Painter, so completion and payday have become some of my favorite word’s.
    But I admit that He’s taken the old meaning and turned it 180° to the 360° reflection of His Image of Beautiful Truth instead.
    I know that the hard and dark night of the soul has been in the Loving Hands of my Father, as He pours out the Body, Blood, and Living Water of His Beloved Son, (the most Beautiful Gift He could have ever given Creation), onto the heads, fortresses, strongholds, perversions, assignments, defilements, and deceptions of the condemned that has contaminated my life. He will bring this to Completion, because His Truth has set me Free, I am ALREDY completely Free Indeed…IT IS FINISHED!!!! :D
    God bless your beautiful heart Deborah!! :)

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