The Vision of Jesus



The vision of Jesus is more than just having church – but it does includes it!  His primary vision was to first inject LIFE which is the ZOE – God kind of Life which is superior to every other life.

This life manifests it’s own power, but the people who can manifest it must be blood bought and blood washed an separated unto God.  These are the people called “the Church.”

The Church is not the Kingdom, but are to be given the Kingdom.  This is only made possible through the “BUILDING OF HER”.  (“I will build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her and I will give you the keys of the kingdom,”   Matthew 16:18.)

It is the destiny of the church to access and manifest the KINGDOM.  Jesus said, “My father has given me Kingdom and I AM giving you a kingdom”.

The objective of the church is to understand the kingdom, receive and manifest it’s POWER & GLORY and for this to be, the Church must grow into HIM.

Adam was the standard that received the earth, – Jesus is the standard that received the Kingdom.  If the Church must receive the Kingdom, then JESUS IS THE STANDARD.

Even when Adam fell, God did not take the earth away from him but left it for him and his seed – the fallen human race.  The state of the earth today is the reflects the state of the fallen Adamic seed.  The depravity among the cultures of the Nations is the rate of depravity found in the race of Adams seed.  The murder, stealing, cheating, adultery, fornication, witchcraft, spiritism, lesbianism, homosexuality, bestiality and all of these are the state of the deprived man.

Whatever the world has turned in today is a product of the worst state of the fallen man.  You see, when people die, they stink, stench and decay physically but in this case, the decadence of the spiritually dead man are the depravity he exudes which are the depravity of the cultures and nations of the earth.

God cannot give His Kingdom into the hand of man in this fallen state, else the Kingdom will be corrupted by the decadence that is within man for man is the grave of himself!  The physical coating of his skin hides the decadence revealed within for that would have been contrary to the reason why He resisted and prevented man from eating the fruit of the tree of life so he would not have to live in a perpetual state of eternal wickedness.

Hence Jesus said “you must be born again’’ for only a truly transformed,  re – formed spirit can access and receive the Kingdom of God and then the Kingdom of heaven which is a place.

The fruit of the tree of life today is the word of God and as we continually eat from its fruit, we extend our length of life into eternity till we get into the full LIFE of God.  As we continually eat of this fruit, we are consistently renewed and transformed into Him.

Part 2

NOTE.  We promise healings and miracles in our meetings, but rarely and scarcely do we see them and because we do not see them, many have turned to mediums and the devil in order to acquire powers to provide the miracles they promised.

If the miracles are not available, don’t we think something is wrong somewhere that we should correct?

How little of the fruit of the Tree of life we eat hence we have very little transformation’ and conformity to Jesus Christ and this shortens the operations of the LIFE FORCE of the Power of the NEW MAN.

When we continue feeding and feasting on the fruit of the tree of life, we gradually are brought into a full circle of conformity to his image and likeness.

The glorified body

Why should the dead in Christ rise from their graves when Jesus appears?

Are the dead in Christ still in their graves?

When Elijah and Moses appeared on the mountain of transfiguration, something characterized the Body of Jesus – GLORY  (Matthew 17:1 – 2).

  • His face did SHINE.
  • His raiment was white.

Not even the garment of Jesus could hinder the brilliance of light the body exuded that the garment took the literal physical appearance of HIS GLORY “for we beheld His Glory, the Glory as of the only begotten of the Father’’.

An ecclesiastical truth

When Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into the heaven, He left with the earth with a Glorified body.  There was a literal shining of His Body a the cloud received Him.

The dead will rise from the graves, not because they are there somewhere in it, but because God’s original plan is and will always be for man to LIVE ON EARTH.  For this to be possible, there is a need that the spirit of man assume a body of earth like Adam to live on earth.

The dead in Christ are now ‘spirits of just men made perfect’ and as such cannot live on earth, because they lack the tangible substance (earthly body) that can make them inhabit the earth.

In 1 Corinthians 15:50–53 Paul used the word ‘CHANGED’ which could also be translated to mean ‘TRANSFORMED OR TRANSFIGURED.’  The last thing that shall come upon our body is ‘GLORY,’ Psalm 8:5.  The Glory will be fully reinstated.  No more shall garments and raiment’s be our clothing’s but His GLORY just like Adam was in the first state of perfection in the garden of Eden.

In the Bible, we have read that those in heaven are all dressed in white garments and raiment’s, what could this imply?  Does it imply that, God sewed for them garments?  No! They are in their perfect original state of Glory!

Glory is the garment worn in the Kingdom.  The days of sun and moon will have been over for the Glory of the LORD lightens the City.  Therefore, God’s Glory becomes our spiritual clothing!

We shall no longer have need for our winter coats and summer clothes for all of us shall put on a special raiment called “GLORY!”

GLORY will become our SPIRITUAL CLOTHING.  Everything that is Spiritual here (that which cannot see) will become physical there.  The spiritual appearance of GLORY is clothing.  Our appearance shall be like the brilliance of the sun in multiple Glory.

The Glory we shall manifest will intimidate the sun to a mundane state of disappearance. Glory simply means, A MAGNIFICENT LIGHT THAT BLINDS!


A day will come when some of us will radiate like the sun in this our physical body before we exit this earth for a brief time to be fully back.  Stephen manifested it in the physical possibly unknown to him, “His face shone like the face of an angel…”  Selah!


~  by Mark Cyril

Pastor Mark CyrilAuthor, teacher, motivational and conference speaker, Pastor Mark Cyril is the international President of CYRIL MARK WORLD EVANGELISM – an independent ministry taking the message of the cross across the Nations turning many in their numbers to salvation through Jesus Christ. He is also the Senior Pastor of Revelation Apostolic Community; an apostolic and Prophetic Word based ministry in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria – West Africa.

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