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The Vote Is In — I AM That I AM Is Still in Control — 8 Comments

  1. Whatever is going to happen in the political realm – whether we are rapidly moving without hindrance into the reign of antichrist or whether we witnessing a failed attempt to lay the foundation of this reign – I am sure that the Lord Jesus Christ wants us to trust Him as never before, and that the present events we see – and the apparent absence of other events, which we may wonder about, are meant to serve this end.  It is a time of the building of great faith in Him, which we will need whether things in the world turn out to be good of bad.

    • @ Mark Roberts Absolutely right! Do you know the Lord has me glued to the book of Hebrews right now. Especially the 11, 12, & 13th chapters. I know there is a reason.
      Never before has this BOOK spoke to me so strong!! It has come alive and feels like the scriptures are almost jumping out at me. God bless and thank you.

      • You have prompted me to return to the book of Hebrews.  What I get from Hebrews 11:8 is that faith operates in uncertainty, since Abraham obeyed God to go without even knowing where he was going.

        I think the church has largely lost the proper teaching about faith (apart from a distorted version of it in the prosperity “gospel”).  Without having a sufficient grounding in faith may explain why so many Christians – including once myself – want to eliminate any kind of uncertainty by incessantly hearing of prophetic words.  The role of the prophet is surely to lead people back into a personal, enduring faith relationship with the Lord rather than to sate their immediate curiosity about earthly matters gs – especially as the faith warriors of Hebrews 11 were seeking for a “heavenly country” (v.16).

        • Mark. I agree. Thank you, I just saw this particular reply. Also, sometimes, too many are ‘looking for a word chaser’instead of God chasers. We can became spiritual lazy if we are not careful. You know why we can’t feel at home down here? Because we are not! We are looking for that heavenly country!

  2. BRAVO! I was just thinking everyone is grabbing at straws to stay in the limelight of who has the best bad news! But the only one who is TRUTH will never whitewash the TRUTH. He is allowing the liars to keep competing while HE prepares His GRAND ENTRANCE. Yes, my friend, Joyce, the vote is in and no election fraud can take down the KING. Blessings, Sandi

    • Amen,thank you Sandi. I am often reminded how my Grandmother use to tell us, “The truth will stand when the world is on fire!”
      The Lord God Almighty is Truth; He is Righteousness; He is love!
      Today I ate something that disagreed with me. I got sick, but I had to confess my sin. I knew better, and brought the sickness on my own self. I am so glad for chastisement, but also for forgiveness. I wasted precious time by giving place to the flesh. 
      In Little or much the Lord wants us to walk in obedience. Thank God for grace. I so appreciate you and your heart for God~ Hugs, prayers and love, Joyce

  3. Oh YES!!! Amen, LORD, Your will be done, Your kingdom come, on earth, as it already is in Heaven. LET IT BE SO IN JESUS NAME, AMEN.

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