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  1. Hi jay,

    A previous post, apparently now deleted, had accused the prophet of being a false prophet.  If that accusation is false before the Lord, then that person is doing the work of Satan, accusing the brethren.  I used the term “touch God’s anointed” because it evokes David’s unwillingness to attack Saul, even when Saul was behaving with evil intent, because Saul’s right to be the king was anointed by God. 

    I have learned that prophecies are strange things.  God clearly speaks through people, but their voice and personalities come through.  In addition, a person can be a true anointed prophet, but have a personal idol of the heart that damages their understanding of a particular issue.  Modern prophets have salvation firmly in hand, if they are born again, and I believe for this reason there is a measure of grace perhaps not available to Old Testament prophets.  I could be wrong, but there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  In addition, Paul, in the New Testament, appears to teach that the public testing of prophecies should be by other prophets, not every random believer.  As I am not a prophet, if I have doubts about a particular person or particular prophecy, I keep it to myself, lest the future show me to be in error and my backside gets smacked with the knowledge I have been accusing the brethren (doing Satan’s work).

    Sir, with due respect to you as a man of God, I want to clearly state that “THE USA 2020 ELECTION RESULT IS COVER UP”. ANOTHER TIME, I WAS TOLD THE BAN ON THE ELECTION RESULT IS LIFTED, BUT PEOPLE FEAR NOW IS THE PROTEST”.  These were the words the LORD clearly told me in AFRICA & I stand unapologetic & firmly on God’s words that must come to pass. I also stand with every prophet who prophesied same. Secondly, regarding the war in Ukraine, only God knows why HE has allowed this to be going on. Recall, God allowed King Nebuchadnezzar to capture many countries & led their people as slaves/captives to Babylon so God could later humble him(Nebuchadnezzar) & Babylon. Do you know if God is doing same to Putin(Russia) now so HE (God) could humble Putin(Russia) later? Thanks Sir for sharing.

    • While I thank you for your reply, please know that the topic of the USA 2020 election is not what this recent word was about. While I don’t want to get into a dialogue with you about this, just know that the election was clearly fair, carefully counted by those who worked tirelessly in that regard. I won’t debate this, for it clearly has been shown to be a conspiracy theory that has tickled the ears of many in Christendom.

      • Sir, I sincerely thank you for your kind response & Christian maturity. I know the article is not on USA past Election but my comments was in response to your statements that “many still adhere to the false claims about the USA 2020 Election & suggested that those who give such false prophecy need to go back to the Lord to hear more on the matter”. Personally, i dislike debates on spiritual matters as it wouldn’t take me anywhere. Am glad to have learned alot from you, other prophets/servants of God & brethren here on HKP.  Thank you once again for clarifying the statement. Sir, I lay the matter to rest. God bless you, family & ministry with more anointing.

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