The Water of Life will now begin to flow


In a Vision last night, I saw a multitude of angels digging ditches, so the water of life could begin to flow to every dry place in the lives of the Church, and dry places in Cities and regions and fellowships.

Then i saw the full weight of God’s government and Governmental mantles being released to those who have been being prepared to carry and demonstrate the powers of the age to come.  These angels had the similitude of the Ancient of days.

Then I heard this: the scripture concerning the Ancient of Days coming, and judgement being given to the saints of the most High.  The time coming for the saints to fully posses the kingdom It is now, says the Lord, being released in this very hour.  The grace and ability to fully possess and walk in and demonstrate, My Kingdom.

Then I saw a huge waterfalls, like a million times bigger then any waterfalls on the earth, like Niagara Falls or Victoria Falls ,and the unlimited waters of life were flowing down from heaven, into the earth.  These waters are the full latter rain.  The early and the former and the latter rain.

I heard the Lord say, this is being released right now.  You will immediately begin to sense new life flowing into every area of your lives.  No longer shall the rivers of life in you, My people, be contained and restrained, but they shall flow and flow and flow and it shall grow deeper and wider and stronger then you have ever seen before, says the Lord.

One of these rivers is a river of Love, that is purer and greater and stronger than you, My people, have ever known or experienced, and that this love would begin to heal you of all your wounds, first to My remnant, and then to the rest of My Bride.  That you, My healed ones, might begin to bear fruit and leaves as living trees of righteousness, to bring forth healing to the Nations.

I also saw and heard the Lord say, I AM releasing My full Kingly anointing and Mantles to My sons and daughters who have embraced and desired the nature of the meekness and humility of the Lamb of God, because they have asked and sought Me for this, says the Lord.

I AM granting this and the full power and faith to walk in Kingship and decree the declarations of My heart, that cities and regions and Nations might begin to be transformed at the Power of My spoken word.

This is your hour to rise and shine.  The glory of the Lord is rising on you, like never before, and to you whose hearts and motives are pure, for the advancement of My kingdom and the harvesting of souls.

The wealth, riches, forces of the nations, are now being released to you for the great harvest, says the Lord.


Kevin Nugent

Kevin NugentKevin Nugent



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