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  1. This Psalm, so beautiful to the Groom and the Bride! Forever LOVE.
    Thank you Gabrielle for the words of His love flowing through you!

  2. What a beautiful song and poem.  We all need to drink of this awesome truth of who our bridegroom is. Altogether lovely He is!!! May the Lord give you more of His love to share with us all. Blessings to you and loved ones.

    • Dear Norman,
      Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments. I thank the LORD everyday that He has given me this gift of writing words into psalms to sing and praise Him and to help the Body of Christ as well. He really does do a new thing and in His own way and timing. Never put God in a box. He will delight and surprise you in the most unexpected times and in the most delightful ways. He has done it for me so many times already and I am still in awe at how He does it. God is ABSOLUTELY GOOD!
      May the LORD continue to bless you in everything you do and raise you up higher for His Kingdom purpose. ❤️

  3. Praise the Lord God, in Jesus Christ, our Divine Bridegroom! Glory be God, who is Worthy of all the praises, Bless His Holy Name, Hallelujah Jesus, worthy of the highest Praise!
    God bless you, dear Gabrielle, God bless your beautiful heart and spirit, to allow him to stir up the gift of poem/song freely.

    This is a very delicate, beautiful and amazingly priceless poem/song, derived from the heart, a beautiful love story – unfolding between the Bride and her Divine Love, Jesus Christ, her Bridegroom, with whom she awaits. God is showing me so much, with in short frame of time, blessing me in ways unimaginable, spiritually and internally. I feel when as a true believer in Jesus Christ, can sincerely appreciate the internal and spiritual blessings, God truly doesn’t mind raining or sending down the tangible blessings – He knows that He won’t loose our heart or be placed in 2nd or 3rd place, but will remain 1rst Place in our lives, being Top Priority.

    May the Lord Jesus Christ, continue to use you in ways unimaginable, for the Glory of God! I pray that those who are apart of the Bride of Jesus Christ, including myself, I say that very humbly, I include myself last before others – that we all continue to allow Jesus Christ to stir up those precious gifts within, to bring Glory to God, desiring to be apart of the harvest, so that souls will know there never be another, like our King Jesus, who is KING of kings, LORD of lords – who Lives Forevermore!

  4. Halleluyah! When I read the word “waterfall” I saw a waterfall of fire!!! Awesome is our God! Thank you for posting, this is beautiful!

    • Dear Sherry,
      Wow, what an awesome vision to see a waterfall of fire! Our God is indeed awesome! When I wrote this psalm, I heard the thundering sound of a waterfall in my spirit.
      Many blessings to you dear sister!

    • Dear Valerie,
      You are most welcome. May His Waters continue to pour over, in and through you, blessing, healing and bringing much peace to you!

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