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  1. On 7-14-20 upon waking up in the morning I heard the words in my head “trip the light fantastic”. I knew it was from the Lord and I asked him “what does that mean”? I had heard the phrase before in my life but never knew what it meant so to google I went. It’s a term used in ballroom dancing that means to dance nimbly. Prior to this many videos were appearing on my facebook page about the ballet and ballet shoes and how the dancers must customize and break in their ballet shoes. So i was pondering all this and asking the Lord “do you want me to dance”. I was telling my mother about this and she did some research and found a song from the movie, Mary Poppins Returns. It’s called Trip a Little Light Fantastic. While I do not endorse Disney, God can speak through anything and the words to this song are about being a light in a dark world.  At the time the Lord was speaking all this to me I was going through a health crisis. My brother in law asked my niece if she wanted to hear a song during bath time and the first one to pop up was Dance like David Danced. That was even more confirmation. When I read this word today that you posted I literally flipped out and even my dog came running to see what was wrong with me. God really knows how to speak to his children. Now if you will excuse me I must dance!

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