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The Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing — 7 Comments

  1. The Spirit of the Lord has spoken. It is powerful right and true. God fulfills His own word and satisfies His own justice. Glory to His Name!

  2. A battle between Good & Evil is about to commence. This is not the BEST time for this battle — it is the ONLY time for this final battle. There are no more excuses and we have run out of second-thoughts. This is it. He is the right man, this is the correct encounter, and God’s timing is perfect. A battle cannot be victorious with one-half of a rams horn. For a victory requires both-halves of the horn and both hands on the sheath. Let us accept collateral damage, even though it may be personal & gut-wrenching, and proceed to the absolute defeat of evil. There are no go-backs and there will not be a second chance.

  3. Yesss…MANY MANY COUNTERFEIT BAALs claiming the ANOINTED of GOD is UPON them; huge levels of deceptions are RELEASE in every form and fashion, cleverly.-
    SCAMMERS using the NAME of GOD to SCAM the seperated, desperate, needing and vulnerable for money on YouTube, FACEBOOK, PINTEREST and Twitter. Yesss…plz PLEASE take caution…if u are saved (JESUS Christ) is the Head in ur LIFE. PRAY and DISCERN THROUGH the HOLY Spirit of GOD to direct YOU and guide YOU. These peculiar times bring out false, fake fake prophets, ministers and Prophetesses come to detour weary souls possess with demonic familiar SPIRITS. PLEASE, test TEST the SPIRIT don’t be deceived and led astray believe me it will caused unbelievable damaged…THIS will lead to a POINT OF NO RETURN☝☝☝⌚⏰⌚⏰ LISTEN TO THE SOUND BE AWAKEN TO GOD’S WARNING!!

  4. HALLELUJAH & GLORY TO GOD THAT YOU STILL REIGN!  Thank You Lord that We are Aligning our Hearts and Mind with Your Heart and Min- as You Give us Eyes to See & Ears to Hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church! Thank You Lord that The Government Shall Be UPON YOUR SHOULDERS!

  5. so sad that this happened. its caused so much damage to so many people. thank you for sharing this world and I hope it helps people heal and move on.

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