The Word of Their Testimony


What kind of testimony do we actually have today.  It’s often been oppressing to hear so many talking about their faith, when it doesn’t seem that they have any real fruit, to back that up.  I am asking myself, while I might like to also ask some of these, how many people have you won to the Lord recently.  How many folk have you lain hands on and seen them healed; how many have been delivered when you prayed for them.  Just how many brothers and sisters, have I restored in these last few years.  And how many devils have I cast out.  How many?

What do my neighbors think about me; what is their opinion of the life we live.  We who call ourselves the church, have much to truly repent over; a lot of things to make right.  This idea that so many pressed on us, that we had to be completely separate from every one else, likely went a good bit too far.  We didn’t fellowship with anybody, who did not follow our beliefs, or live the way our group said they should live.  Too often, including our neighbors.  It is likely true, that many of those who lived right beside us, did not see us as what we thought we were.  They saw our form, but not our love.

How kind were we to those who lived on our street.  Were we even known, as people who were helpful; someone these very people could come and talk to when trouble came upon them.  Can we ask ourselves, just how many of those on our block, trust us.  Did they know, just as Jesus taught, that they could come to our house at any time of the day or night, and we would let them in and help them.  The truth is slowly creeping in among us these days.  There are many now, who are beginning to say: It does not matter what you say you believe; where you say you go to church or how much you tell people you love them.  I want to see, your love in action.

If trouble comes, and it will, do they actually know, that you would do everything in your power to help them.  I never really thought I would come to the place, that I did not care what people’s doctrine was or how they said they were baptized.  When the way we were baptized, became more important than how much of the fruit of the Spirit we manifested, or how much we truly loved people, we might have known, that something was in error.  A lot of things have been done in the name of Jesus Christ; but sometimes, it didn’t seem to change people at all. Mean, arrogant, crass, and holier than thou.

I’m not judging. It hurts me to see, that there are people on here [Facebook], even ministers, who are railing against others and throwing many scriptures around to justify their case.  They have forgotten, that there are others, who know how they treat their wives and children at home.  You see, self-righteousness, always blinds people, to their own short-comings and character defects.  Many folk in the church today, don’t think they have hurt or bruised anyone; they do not feel responsible for restoring others.  It wouldn’t do, to ask any of their families what they think; and who, has harmed whom.

My greatest testimony today, may just be about how much I have repented.  How many rights have I done my best to make, to those I know I have done wrong.  Can I recognize, when I have again gotten off track, by loving me and my desires, and touting my own beliefs, more than loving people?

In this final hour, will I be known, as someone who did my very best, to love others, as Jesus has loved me.  Can they say that I was forgiving; the way God has also forgiven me, so many times”

It’s not about what I say I believe, or what level I say I’m on.  In my climbing, did I reach down to others.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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