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  1. Thank you, dear brother, for this reminder of JESUS CHRIST’s own words. We know, that not only “the world” is increasing in stupidity and hate, but same things happened 2000 years ago, (nothing new under the sun… written in the Book of Ecclesiastes) religious groups and single persons hate brothers and sisters. The evil spirits of gossip and prideful religious arrogancy often can be immediately seen on faces and heard on some lips after a church service. Much hatred inside the world and more and more inside “Christians” is hidden until it comes out. JESUS CHRIST knew and knows the depths of human hearts and characters. LOVE is connected to actions of LOVE, may it be through words or actions. Secret “love” is no love. There are lessons in the Holy Scriptures about this matter of fact. Again, thank you for your encouragement, as well as for your article about the vaccines. It takes much courage to have this standpoint, because opposing spirits often immediately follow. Stay strong, stay blessed, you and all LOVING brothers and sisters at HKP. I love you, family in JESUS CHRIST.

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