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The World is in The Church — 4 Comments

  1. Robin,

    You hit the nail on the head. The Lord’s been speaking similar things in my ear. The only ‘true’ – Philadelphia Church (Rev.3:7-13) left- when the Lord returns – will be His bride. The rest were all made by flesh.


  2. Now that I have been in ministry for some years, I KNOW this to be true. If you have a big following and lots of praise, you are false. The mark of the true minister preaching the FULL counsel of God, is persecution, disciples abandoning, and a general distaste for your presence among “leaders”. You will be loved by the pure in heart, which are few, but slandered and mocked by the majority.

  3. The true prophets not only had a smaller ministry, they were hated and many killed for speaking the truth. I truly appreciate what you are sharing here.Amen

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