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The Worship of the “Image of the Beast” — 6 Comments

  1. The mark of the beast is supposed to be on the forehead or the right hand, not a shot in the arm. I’m only saying this as a reminder to the Body of Christ.

  2. Absolutely right. I have done extensive research on this. Here is my evidence to support that the vaccine is the mark on of the beast as it changes your DNA.

    On 14th December 2020, we had a total solar eclipse in the constellation of Scorpio (Tribe of Dan – Antichrist). It was on this date that the very first vaccines were given which is the mark of the beast. As God’s perfect creation, we have 144000 gnomes, the mRNA adds an additional 72000 gnomes equating to 216000 gnomes (600x60x6). It has chimera DNA in it which gives you a triple helix DNA strand. It has Gates cryptocurrency chip and bluetooth technology with the patent WD060606 within it already – no need for an additional chip. So you have the image, name and number of the beast within the vaccine. This vaccine is changing people’s personalities to be cold, unforgiving, nasty and guiltless. All the characteristics of satan.

  3. I think all of this being said and what’s occurring from a few years that all make sense now and if you add this part of that scripture where it says satan would seek to to sit in the temple,and we know what kind of temple we are talking about so…this it …once you take the mark you let satan to sit in the temple and when you read revelation 18:23…and so much more!

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