The Wrestling


Since one of the last posts, I have felt a deep wave of concern.  By the comments of some, it appears that they are very anxious to stand up and fight.  After much fatigue and such intense training and pressure, they are ready to return to the front.  But something stirs within me; some may not be as prepared as they may think.  You see, almost no one told us of what we all might face ahead, when we asked to be mightily used of God.

If the church as many of us knew it, had gone on forward to this full return to apostolic demonstration and power, we could have all grown in things, we desperately needed to know.  We could have ministered to one another and lifted one another, in the things we were chosen to do.  Let me make a statement here, that if you do not fully understand the power that the enemy might have, you are very naïve, and likely only a beginner.  You’re not ready for battle.

Some of us, were able to garner at least a little bit that was shared by one of our teachers.  When it came to the gifts of the Spirit, we were going to face, spirits of all kinds.  The forces of evil, would do everything possible, to stop us.  It would come from all angles; even from within our own church family.  Flesh would come against us, and even members of our own house.  He will stand behind all those who know just how to push your buttons, and goad them into striking a dart at you.  He will use those who are not alert and not truly spiritually minded, to oppress you and hurt you terribly.

I am so very grateful, that God allowed me to be at the right place, to hear such exhortation.  Many things of the Spirit, are indeed taught one-on-one between us and the Spirit.  But I fully believe, that we were never intended to go all of this alone.  I know that so many of us made grave errors and often made poor choices, but I cannot help but feel, that we might have been spared much pain and heartache, if we had had others we could trust to share our load with.  Bear ye one another’s burdens, was written for a reason.

I have to share what I feel.  I have heard some, even on here, talk about how ready they are.  They have even gone on so far as to say, Come on Satan, bring it on.  Hasten tribulation, I am ready for you; come on with it.  Someone must admonish you, about just how foolish you are.  Yes, we are to be prepared and have on the armor, and know fully that we have His power behind us.  But it’s been my experience, that those really on the front lines, have a bit different attitude.  To be somewhat afraid, is wise; and it does not pay, to be overconfident.  Do not be ignorant, of Satan’s devices.

The scripture says, that we wrestle not, against flesh and blood.  But some of us, need to go back and read again, just what we are wrestling with.  Principalities, and rulers of darkness.  I speak to someone just now.  This is not negative talk or a lack of knowledge of who we are in Him, and what Power we can have; how mighty we can be.  To the point, do not stir up something, you do not have the power or experience to deal with.  Do not take even one step, unless the Spirit leads you, and shows you how to do it.  I deeply hurt, for those who don’t know, what they have really asked for.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




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  1. I know this is the truth. I lived it and with the consequences for nearly 3 years now. Listen.
    I will be staying with the stuff.