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The Year of Opening Doors — 3 Comments

  1. Amazing!! I’ve been listening, for about the last 3 months or so, to the testimonies of holocaust survivers. I’ve been seeking the Lord as to why He’s brought this across my path. I had a dream a short while ago where an old man was lying on the bathroom floor with an old woman, (his wife maybe?) and he was feeding her the last teaspoon of their food when a person walked into the room and declared that it was over, it was finished, the man got up and walked into the bedroom to the foot of the bed and dropped to his knees weeping and crying in utter joy and absolute relief, he was exhausted and near death himself, but had given that last teaspoon of food to another!!
    What a confirmation this Word is. Thank you!!
    I have a woman and her two girls staying with me, my husband, and my son in our two bed 2 bath tiny condo. We are stretched and unsure what to do. We sat her down last night and told her we need to figure something out.
    Please pray for us. Her name is Mercy, and mine is Cheri. We need discernment and Holy Spirit guidance. We don’t own, we only rent.
    Bless your beautiful heart Priscilla, and thank you for your many words of encouragement to .e in these past years :)

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