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The Year When Vision Follows Revelation! — 6 Comments

  1. I think the inspiration you received from God is very important for this moment. I feel that God has a plan to give believers a special opportunity for that. We neen to pray for the gift more to win Victory!

  2. Thanks, God’s servant. Thank God. As an intercessor, now I can understand what God gave to me. It seems to be kind of Ezekiel’s anointing. God sometimes makes my spirit fly into the door of another dimention, the door to the future during my trance. That is because there is something happening God wants me to see. They seem to be certain important events or evil conspiracies. So whenever God shows me something like that, my husband and I prayed to stop and break down the evil works. And it worked until now. Hallelujah! Glory to God. I hope more believers will get the same strategic weapon from God. From.South Korea

    • This is so encouraging that hear from
      You ! May the Ezekiel Anointing in you cause you to be like flint to the people around you and just execute what God has laid upon your heart . Visions and revelation are your portion in JESUS Name.

      • Thank you for your response. I didn’t expect this at all. So happy to hear what you are praying for me. So encouraging. I have had a mission for North Korea since I was 20. God wants me to go there and build an orphanage & healing center some day. Now I am 50.^^ It took a long time for God to train me in various aspects. It was not easy, frankly speaking. I am at the intersection right now, waiting for His guidance and turning point.  May God bless your ministries. I will pray for you. Really thanks. I GOT AN MESSAGE FROM INDIA. Hallelujah

  3. Rich word woman of God! Agree that vision and revelatory insight comes as we go deeper in His Word in obedience through next door. It’s important to give vision to God’s people Prov.29:18 without a vision of what God wants to do, we do what seems right Prov. 14:12. The “Keyhole cause me to think about how we have to stoop down to “see” inside the keyhole. *This humility of heart comes with “Keyhole” precision vision and prophecies for what God wants us to see. Matt. 5:8 Enjoyed reading post and learning!

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