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  1. In my experience, the eye salve in ‘The Hidden Kingdom’ by Dale Fife is effective but healing is slow. I placed the relevant pages on my facebook, but my Facebook has become cluttered. Ask the Lord for the eye salve in Rev 3:18, but have other people with you. The eye salve needs to be applied frequently so that there will be spiritual healing. Perhaps I could copy the relevant pages and post them here.
    I am not endorsing this book.
    [HKP Admin says: Peter Gross.
    For your convenience, we have added a link here to the book on Amazon.
    The relevant single page from your 20-11-14 Facebook page is available here.
    If you wish to add more pages here please contact HKP directly.]

  2. Thank you Robert. I too was part of that move in the 80″s. It was a move of the HS. We didn’t institute it, He did. You either jumped in the Flow, or stayed on the shore. However, many hands of flesh started taking hold of the reins, and tragedy occurred in many places.
    I believe today, right now, we are also in a move of the HS, only it’s a work in each of us personally.An Intimate Work if we allow Him, learning to truly hear from Him and what He wants. If the “church” is not ministering to us, THEN, we must fully rely on Him and Him alone!! The Bride, coming from the Wilderness, will be leaning on Her Beloved and no one else. SOS 8:5.
    He also wants us to dig deep ditches to contain His Living Waters to overflowing. This is now The Season of Preparation. The Lord is preparing His Bride for the manifestation of the Sons Of God, the Manchild, the True Body of Christ, having Jesus, as The Only Head. He is preparing His vessels of honor to contain His Spirit and Anointing in a way never seen before to be poured out everywhere according to His Will and Timing. He will not have any premature birthings in His Season to come. He is preparing a trustworthy, obedient, and submissive,Church/Bride that will glorify Him when He is ready to break into our World scene.
    The gifts that have been and are being given currently are without repentance. His power manifesting from time-to-time, mostly in “poorer” countries among the persecuted.We are to exercise Faith continually, but, not be surprised if we can’t “see” results. We, gift bearers, must learn to do only the works He tells us to do and see Him doing. His Ways are always above our ways, and knowing and acknowledging His Omniscience and Control in every situation, is True Faith, Heb 11:1-6.
    Ps 133; Eph 4:3-13; Is 52:7-8, express The Church’s need for unity. Unity will bring, I believe, full anointing!
    He is about to rebuild the Tabernacle, Am 9:11, but according to His Pattern, Ex 25:9, not according to the flesh. Then His Glory will return to His Holy House, Ez 43 – 44, where He will have His “Zadokite” priests to minister to Him and not man!
    His Trumpet is sounding for True At-One-Ment in this hour. Then will His Church dwell with Him, and He with us, first to be manifested to all the Earth and then to be gathered to Himself for Eternity.

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