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  1. I would like to say a few things about Isaiah 54.
    A little preview: Since this is my LIFE word (at the time of my conversion — 33-34 years ago – and according to the statements given to me by 4 brothers, I can confidently say that this is my LIFE word. So I did special research and the Lord showed me several meanings of these words at my request .
    The Lord’s “blink of an eye”, his little time, took me 20 years, when he turned away from me and became angry with me… then he forgave me, so every line and word from 54: 4-17 is a living reality and testimony in my life.

    About the Word:

    11 Oh, you poor thing, thrown up by a storm, without consolation!
    Behold, I will put your stones in lead dust, (there was a time when the stones of houses were put in lead dust, so that if there was an earthquake or a flood, the stones moved in the dust, rotated under the load, but did not collapse. This is how the foundation of the house was prepared.) Lead dust = legitimacy.
    and I will base you on sapphires. Sapphire = truth.
    12 I will make the cornice of your wall of ruby, Ruby = courage,
    and your gates of garnet stones, garnet = glory (Is 60:15)
    and all thy borders of precious stones; precious stone = deliverance (Is. 60:15.)
    14 You will be strong through truth, (in another translation: deeply rooted in truth, sinking your roots deep….)
    Thank you for telling me. Maybe it will be useful for someone/someones.
    with love

  2. In reading through this word and the older one referenced, I am reminded that the Lord promises to visit where He puts His name.  I find it significant that the upcoming generation is called ALPHA!

    When America is visited by a third solar eclipse on Nissan 1, also known as April 8, the path of the three in the last 7 years will form an ALPHA!  All praises and glory to our ALPHA and OMEGA, the beginning and the end.  May we forever glorify the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!

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