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  1. Now a word to them, to those who love torture, revenge and destruction: You know that GOD is with me and with my son. He is not a trouble maker, he has a loving heart for all people.  We even rescued people’s lives more than once, being in danger. And you know it ! He has done so much GOOD, and he found back to THE LORD. I heard and saw you stomp with feet, spit before me and heard your curses you learn in your clubs. You even abuse the Holy Bible for your “witch hunts”. You have observed me with sadistic lust in your “slow kill program”. When I prayed in despair and cried in the nights to JESUS, when my muscles and heart had spasms and my head was almost exploding because of your death programs, you made the emergency room personel mock me. With the help of my LORD JESUS CHRIST I forgice you and bless you. You know, THE LORD OF LORDS JESUS CHRIST has observed and recorded your thousands of attacks, and there is not much time left to REPENT.

  2. Brothers and sisters, I want to thank you ALL here for your prayers for me. It is 4 in the morning and I thank GOD for all your prtayers and comforts. Before I bless my enemies, I share their latest death threats against my life. It must be made known, that those avengers have power to manipulate cars, every car. My son gave me his Tesla during thew time of his current travel to USA, and to look for his 2 cats and post. We are not rich, but young men love cars…
    Last week I was navigated to a grave yard, though the car system leads to superchargers. They tried to desorientate me and to destroy me SINCE YEARS through remote control, home breake in’s etc. They can heat up the body in bed or make you ice cold shiverings, and then they mock you after another terrible night for having a sudden cold outbreak. In my car they led me to wrong places to come too late for job, switched lights off in the evening on highway, left doors open, placed hair bundles on my seat. The clock on phone often was shut off etc. I lost that job. Into every text, mails, private messages, they set in mistakes or cut off words.  I have nothing esoteric at home, I have an absolutely clean heart and clean hands. They know it. GOD guides me through His mighty signs and wonders, supernaturally and holy. Read Sermon on the Mount. Only those with pure hearts can see GOD. I am often allowed to see Him. And finally I will reign together with Him.

  3. Someone whom I do not know wrote there with arrogant and evil words, that they have broken me 2 times. You all cannot imagine what gang stalking is like. They show me day and night that they record every move even in my home ! They immediately place it to mobile phone and computer. We have human rights of protection in the home, but I have no privacy. They know my pictures, mails, messages, my phone calls, my voice, and when I enter or leave a store or any other place, the have thrown out their repeating signs, the trauma triggering signs, always in the same pattern. There is no safety anywhere, and it depends on their “goodwill” whom they let die or live. I was NOT a fearful person almost all my life. They did not want to stop the psychoterror, and as the hidden commentor stated, they wait for my suicide ! I am not suicidal, and I promised to my family, neighbours and the few friends that are left, that I will never commit suicide. I hope that more people come out with the pain caused by psyops. It is not a mental illness, it is not a stupid faithless fear or battle in minds. The minds of those criminals who planned and operated it, they are the ones who have evil thoughts and hearts and they want to oppress all people and to take away freedom and human rights. Please pray for me, because the attacks are also caused through Direct Energy Weapons.

  4. Dear sister, I will always treasure you, but I must tell, that it is NOT all a battle in the minds, when the battles are real and orchestrated, but not from GOD. I moved it in my heart and mind if I should share this what I will share now. It could bring more attacks and threats, but for the truth’ sake I must write it. Maybe this will be a 2 or 3 part message.
    My son is since 1 year in a public resistance movement against forced vaccinations and the citizenship dividing restrictions. He is one of many in the movement, he founded one special public musical group that gets much evil attacks, because they are young and not so experienced, but mostly because they were every weekend in another town on the streets, with many other groups. Btw, the loud Hare Krishna dancing and playing group does not get attacked…May I say it boldly: His group is “Rave for freedom”. I know, true and only freedom is in THE LORD, but these young people make their way, if you know what I mean. So guess what ? One free TV moderator has a big yt channel, and I commented for peace and against the ugly public hate comments in the comment section. It is a channel that is read by more ten thousand people in 24 hours. I have screenshots what I was told there:

  5. Oh Amen!!
    Thank you for sharing these kind words of encouragement Deborah.
    I have a friend I’ve been sharing anything I can with, she cries most days. We’re both in a very dark night and it seems all of Heaven is silent. I sit with the Lord for hours, hoping maybe today is the Day of His Devine Retribution, of Deliverence. I know He who promised is Faithful.
    On behalf of us both, thank you. We will soon join you as His Overcomers, reaching our hands into the Shadows to pull His Beloved, broken, wounded sons and daughters to their feet.
    God bless your beautiful heart Deborah…:)

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